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// 06/09/18
Friendships, fun and summer secrets Usborne UK

Your Photos

Send us a pic of you and your best friend - and you could end up on this website!

Fidelia photograph for Summer Camp Secrets

Fidelia and friend

Toluwalase photograph for Summer Camp Secrets

Toluwalase "OMG I soo ooo love your books"

Obose photograph for Summer Camp Secrets

Obose "I love summer camp secrets its sooooooo nice to read"

Zainab with her friend

Zainab with her friend

Anderline with her best friends

Anderline with her best friends

Zoella with her best friend

Zoella "We are the bast friends EVER!!! Nothing will tear us apart."

Victoria with Tanya, her best friend

Victoria "My best is Tanya we have been bffs for life I was sad when I had to leave her. "

Olivia and her friend Iris

Olivia "This is me, Olivia, and my best friend Iris. I don't get to see her very often cus' we go to different schools. But we love going to Build a Bear workshop together! :) And we like taking weirdo pictures of us together.

Jordan in her Irish dancing dress

Jordan "Hi My name is Jordan, I am 10 years old.This photo is of me in my Irish dancing dress, I love Summer Camp Secrets and have all 12 books now."

Bethiie and Emma

Bethiie "I couldn’t imagine life without Emma. We have loads of fun being random."

Ane and sleepover friends

Ane "My best friends are the most special people I know. This is a picture of me and my friends on a sleepover."