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Go Summer Camp Secrets!

I l-o-v-e Summer Camp Secrets with boys, secrets and girl talk! I recommend this to all girls - woohoo - go Summer Camp Secrets!!!!!

Natasha 20 October 2015

I'd like to see what they look like

I'm Emma and I love SCS I've never read: Fun and games, Hide and shriek, The Clique, Reality Bites, New Girl and Time to shine, I've only read: Blogging buddies and little miss not-so-perfect because they were in the school library. I've got all the ones that I own from charity shops because I've never seen them in book shops and I'd love to read the others. I love the idea of a movie or a TV series. My favourites are: Natalie (her dad is amazing I wish I could meet him), Alyssa and Tori because they're the ones I'm most like. I'd like to see what they look like and please can you have the next new charter called Emma. And when you do Camp again, Hannah, Nicole, Emily, Brigitte should go to camp as well and you should have Stephanie Bloom as Jenna's Counsellor or CIT because that would be just funny when she finds out.

Emma 14 September 2015


I love love LOVE L-O-V-E Summer Camp Secrets and I so love L-O-V-E Love Sarah and David as a couple but then I start hating David for liking Jeanna instead but please please please put my character her name is Rebecca she is blond and loves fire and she can somersault backflip hang upside down from trees and other athletic stuff and her hair is super long and lavenders make her crazy for at least 2 weeks.

Preshsol 02 June 2015

I love SCS

I love summer camp secrets! I love all the girls especially Jenna and Alyssa!

Aisling 11 May 2015

Really inspiring

These books rock really inspiring I wish I could be Natalie

Keira 25 December 2014

These books rock

These books rock I wish I was Grace

Georgia 24 November 2014

Hey Melissa

Hey there just wanted to let you know that I Loveeee! your books especially Time to Shine - the romance and drama. Wanted to know when you're making a 19th book?

Naomi 01 November 2014

Hey Melissa

I just LOVE the summer camp secrets series. It's absolutely amazing and so realistic. It shows a typical teenage life story which I am LITERALLY OBSSESED WITH. Can you try to make them into movies? I promise I would watch them all and they will get really popular, trust me.

Joud 23 October 2014

The million dollar question

I have all the Summer Camp Secrets books except blooming buddies, falling in like, new girl and time to shine. I love the books the clique, three's a crowd, fun and games and party time. Keep on writing and don't stop, but the million dollar question is will there be a counsellor next?

Zara 03 September 2014

Hey Melissa!

I am Imman your biggest fan. The Summer Camp Secrets series are my favorite books in the whole universe. When I read the first one: Miss Manhattan, I got so in love with the series that I HAD to buy the second one. I was thinking that these books are so interesting every girl must have read them so why don't you make a movie too. Please please please. Its gonna be amazing and I was wondering that can I be part of the movie? *pretty please with sugar on top* I really love your books so please reply and tell me about the movie idea okay? Hahaha bye

Imman 25 August 2014

Keep up the AMAZING work!

Melissa you are a great author! You really get to girls and know a lot about how it is to be a tween/teen. I only started reading your books this year and, I love them! My fave 1 so far is "The Clique." I think the idea of color war is awesome and I love Natalie. Her, Tori, and Valerie are my fave characters. Keep up the AMAZING work!

Bina 12 July 2014


Melissa you are my fav author and I have read all scs and my fav characters are Jenna, Natalie, Tori, and Alex. I just want to say that you should keep on writing and maybe make films.

Ofure 12 May 2014

Everything a true girl wants to read about!

I love these books! I'm addicted to them! I know Party Time word perfect and keep writing this series! It would be really good if you made them into movies. They are very inspirational and help you solve a lot of life problems. They have everything a true girl wants to read about! My fave characters are Grace, Jenna and Alyssa. Grace and Jenna just spell my name!

Grace 12 January 2014

Just fabbbb

I so love SCS I started reading them one day when my class was in the library. Please write more my fave character is Natalie, I'm just like her. Keep writing more juicy gossip. P.s. luv uuuuuu SCS xxx

Samar xoxo 04 October 2013

Summer Camp Secrets has it all!

I just love those books they include everything: FUN, FRIENDSHIP, SECRETS, BOYS. Summer Camp Secrets has it all!!!

Ashley 04 October 2013

Sooo good!

Your books are sooo good and amazing - you are now my favourite author. I have loads of your books and I love them, you should really make a long, long film with all the books in it - it would be great, I would definitely buy it.

Ashley-Louise 03 October 2013


Firstly, all I can say is OMG. Melissa I don't know how you do it but you are one of the most creative writers EVER! So far my fav books are New Girl, Time to Shine, Fun and Games and Just my Luck. I am mostly like Alyssa but my fav characters have to be Natalie 'cause I love clothes, Grace cause I love making people smile, Alyssa cause I'm level-headed, Brynn cause I am addicted to drama and Jenna cause she is the heart and soul of the bunk. I think it would be amazingly cool if in the next book Nat's dad marries Josie and her mum gets jealous or something. Anyways I recommend this book to anyone who is anyone cause it can help u in lots of ways. Don't stop writing Melissa cause you are now part of my top 3 fav authors next to Jacqueline Wilson and Cathy Cassidy. As I said at the beginning... OMG.

Tolu 27 August 2013

I'm your biggest fan!

I love Summer Camp Secrets, I'm your biggest fan. I just found out about them because my friend told me - I read Just My Luck. I thought that it would be baby books but it isn't it's so freaky but cool. I bought the whole collection and I'm reading the 1st one. My favourite author used to be Jacqueline Wilson but not any more! Keep making new books we all love you.

Bibiche 22 June 2013

I love these books!

I really love these books, they make me want to try new things and get involved more and make lots of new friends. I have read all 18 and whenever I read them I feel like I'm at the camp going through the experience with them, like a 13th bunk-member! Summer Camp Secrets has really opened my eyes to the outdoors and made me try out more new experiences. Melissa J Morgan is now my favourite author and this series of books are my favourite books, I will definitely give these to my children when I grow older and I hope they have had the same effect on other girls like they have to me. I recently went on holiday for the weekend and took books 5, 6 and 7 and I read all 3 of them with a day of the holiday left, I cant put these books down. You can't stop camp and I cant stop finding out all the juicy gossip about home, boys, school and more, I do love these books!

Hannah 04 June 2013

Fantastic for tweens

I bought these books a few years ago when I missed a week of school to visit some family members. I remember being absolutely obsessed with them! They're fantastic for Tweens who like a bit of comedy, drama and girly stuff! I finished the first book in one sitting. I highly recommend these books, the characters are bright and quirky, and the storyline is easy to follow. 4.5 stars.

L 28 May 2013

Awesome set of books!

I went to a new library which opened in my town a few weeks ago today. I spotted a pink book saying Summer Camp Secrets, Party Time. I decided to try it out. WOW!!! Love it! Melissa is SO... imaginative. I have been through the same problems somewhere in my life! I hope to continue reading this awesome set of books! :) Thankyou, melissa! For giving us girls SO much entertainment!

Gayathri 11 May 2013

I absolutely love 'em!

The Summer Camp Secrets books are extremely good and I have been reading them for over 2 years! I absolutely love 'em! :D I would definitely recommend other kids to read it as well! :) There are 18 books in the whole series and I have only read 9 of them! :P I have sooo gotta finish the whole series and then I'll be the happiest person in the world! Just kidding about the 'happiest person in the world' part but I will finish all the books FOR SURE within the blink of an eye!

Elvis 28 April 2013

Summer Camp Secrets books are the best

I think the summer camp secrets books are the best my favourite character is Natalie. Please write more!

Sarah 27 February 2013

So cool!

I'm new to summer camp secrets but I'm already on the third book. My fave girl is Grace. Sooooooooooooo cool! :) Love it

Olivia 07 February 2013

I LOVE Summer Camp Secrets

I started them a week ago and I'm already on book 6.

14 December 2012

Summer Camp Secrets rocks

I'm Sian and I looooove Summer Camp Secrets. You should add an advice series, like book 1 might be Natalie's advice on fashion and Marissa's advice on boys and Alyssa's advice on hair etc.

Sian 19 November 2012

I am in love with Summer Camp Secrets!

My friend lent me the books and I can't stop reading them! It would be so cool if they made the books into movies or a TV show. It would be sooooooo awesome! Or it would be good to have actual pictures of the girls to see what they look like. Anyway the books are awesome!

Adriana 29 October 2012


I love Summer Camp Secrets. I would love it if they made it into a TV programme. Plus it helped me with my problems.

Sarah 15 August 2012

I am proud to call Mellisa my favourite author!

I have been inspired by Summer Camp Secrets, and it has also helped me with my own life problems. I have already read the books 5 times each, and will not stop there. Thank you to Jenna (and others) as they have given me some good pranks to do on my family :) I would long to see the day these books become a children's TV programme, as it deserves to be. Thank you Mellisa J Morgan for creating such a wonderful series of books with amazing people! :) I am proud to call Mellisa my favourite author!

Aysha 28 July 2012

SCS is amazing!

All my friends and I always call each other names from it – I’m Jenna and my friends are Grace, Alyssa, Alex, Brynn and Priya. Please write more! If there was a TV series of SCS it would be my fave programme! GO MELISSA J. MORGAN!

Esme 24 July 2012

Please write more!

I love all the books. My fave character is Sarah because she is always there and my name is Sarah. Please write more!

Sarah 15 July 2012


I love Summer Camp Secrets sooo much. I have just read Time to Shine and I can't wait for more books to come! I really hope you write about Natalie and Reed's trip to New Zealand because I'm from NZ (a very shaky part at that) and I am really looking forward to how you write about NZ because a lot of authors portray it wrong...and anyway I just want to say that I am looking forward to the next book :-)

Annabelle 28 June 2012

Summer Camp Secrets is amazing!

I love this series sooo much! I have read up to number 9 now and I've enjoyed them all! They are sooo amazing that I struggle to put them down! It would be so cool if they were made into films!

Georgina 20 June 2012


Summer Camp Secrets has actually helped me get through life and it has brought up my self esteem. I love the books so much and I spend all my money on them all the time. I don't think there are any books better than the SCS books!! Melissa J. Morgan YOU GO GIRL!!

Lucy 15 June 2012

Melissa, you rock!!

Hi, I am Imogen and I love these books, they are amazing!! I have read all 18 of them and I gave them to my friends (Maddy, Sian, Abbie) and they all love them. My fave is Allysa, she is so cool. Me and my friends call each other names from SCS!! Mellisa, you rock!! Write more books pretty please!!

Imogen 29 May 2012


I really like Summer Camp Secrets. The books are spectacular. I'm going to camp in summer! Me and my friends call each other the people from SCS. I'm Jenna and my other friends are Grace, Natalie, Brynn, Karen, Tori and Alyssa.

Maddy 20 May 2012


These books are soooooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A TV series of these books would be soooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabella 19 May 2012

Thumps up!!!!!! ;)

Hi, my name is Roshana! I've read all the Summer Camp Secrets books so far. It would be great if there would be more!!! My fave character is Grace. She is soooo funny and kinda cool. I like Jenna and Alex, too, because I'm a prankster myself...and Alex loves sports. Like meee! I'm like Grace and like Alex. I love soccer! And tennis. And swimming. These books are totally my fave ones. My fave fave fave book is Fun and Games. Jenna and David are kinda cute together. Thumps up!!!!!! ;)

Roshana 10 May 2012


I've nearly read all the books, and I'm addicted to it! If it was a TV series, it would be my fave progamme!

Evie-Lyss 24 April 2012


Hey, my name is Chelsea. I am absolutely in love with the Summer Camp Secrets books. I have only read so far: Miss Manhatten, Prankster Queen, Best Friends?, Little Miss Not-So-Perfect and I'm reading Blogging Buddies. I hope I can get the next one soon (Party Time!). KEEP READING SUMMER CAMP SECRETS.

Chelsea 23 April 2012

I totally love Summer Camp Secrets books!

Hi I'm Aisha. I totally love Summer Camp Secrets books! They are the best books I have ever read!! My favourite books of them are Just My Luck because it is so cool and I felt soooo sorry for Jenna when she broke her leg and couldn't compete in colour war and then all the pranks happened and she got blamed for them. My other favourite book is Three's A Crowd because Tori made her first appearance there and it was about three of my favourite characters - Alyssa, Natalie and Tori! My favourite characters are Alyssa, Natalie, Tori and Grace. I like Natalie and Grace best because I am so like Grace and Natalie is a style queen.

Aisha 10 April 2012

I just couldn't stop reading

I love these books! Although I had just read some, I'm determined to find some more to read. My favorite character is Grace. Alyssa is my second favorite character. I am a lot like her, when I took the test, the character in my result was Grace. The books are really interesting and I hope you will make some more. Actually, when I visited the website, I found more books than I thought there were. When I started reading your books, I just couldn't stop reading. Well, I want to get every single book from the Summer Camp Secrets series. I hope to find some more books. :)

Pwintthiriko 14 March 2012

I love Best Friends

I love Best Friends, it's one of my favourites. My friend got Miss Manhattan from the library so I went to the library and found Best Friends. I absolutely love it!

Bethan 6 March 2012


Hi. My name is Jo but I am a girl. I just love your books Melissa! They're awesome! I have some of the books and I want the whole collection!!!!! Please write some more. Continue the story of Camp Lakeview. I soooooooooo want the whole collection but the six books have not come out but I want 'em. I love your books.

Jo 29 February 2012

Just love them!

Hi, I just love these books! My friend picked one up at the school library and I just loved it and now I am getting the full collection and I just loved it when Tori and Jordan were not friends because they were always separate. I love all the fans out here. See ya!

Tia 10 February 2012


I'm Fliss, and oh my god I love your books, Melissa!!!!! And that's pretty big, right, cos I read TONNES. I love every single one of your series, even though I have my favourite. Jenna is my favourite character. I also like Grace, Alex, Tori, Gaby and Valerie as my next faves. Oh and Natalie's Mum xD PLEEEEASE write more books!! Like when they're in sixth division, and one of them or some of them are struggling with the responsiblities? I just can't get enough! Hehe!! Byeeee! Hope to hear of more books! Fliss :)

Fliss 22 January 2012


I L.O.V.E summer camp secrets SOOOOO much!!!!! when i read the last one, i was very upset, i think i had a little strop! (cringe!) ANYway, Melissa, pleeeeaaaaasssseeee can you write more books like the story of the rest of the girls lifes eg: Natalie grows up to be a superstar, just like her dad, and marries some footballer, or something, in all separate books? PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE????!!!! P.S: Alex, I am the biggest fan here!!!! :p jokes

Fay 18 January 2012


I absolutely love Summer Camp Secrets!!! I have the whole set of books!! I love the story line and all of the characters are so cool!!! I just wish there was a camp like this in the UK!! I feel like I'm in the camp whilst I read the books!! I would be friends with everybody, but especially Grace because we are so much alike!! Also Jenna because I love pranks :D I would love to go to camp but I can't really afford it, so me and my friends just camp out in my back yard, it's still fun!! :)

Katie 11 January 2012


I love Summer Camp Secrets. OK I have only read 1 book but I must say Miss Manhatten is a great book. I'm gonna ask my mom to get me Hide and Shriek, it looks really mysterious, kinda like me.

Chelsea 17 December 2011

Keep up the good work

I am the BIGGEST Summer Camp Secrets fan alive. My favourite is number 9, BBFF (Best Boy Friend Forever). I love the characters, drama, setting and so much more <3 !

Alex 17 December 2011


I've read all the Summer Camp Secrets books and it's one of those series that you want it to go on for eternity!!! I really hope Melissa writes more. I love Party Time, Little Miss Not-So-Perfect, Hide and Shriek, Blogging Buddies, Fun and Games, New Girl and Wish You Weren't Here best of all!!! WRITE MORE!! Lol. :)

Felicity 11 December 2011

Summer Camp Secrets faves

Hi, I’ve read most of the Summer Camp Secrets books but not all of them yet which is good because each one is more exciting than the one before! My favourite book so far is Fun and Games. My two favourite people are Natalie and Grace. I like Natalie because I am super girly and love make-up and clothes and fashion magazines like her. I like Grace because she’s really fun and bouncy and full of life!

Daisy 15 August 2011

Awesome books!!!!

Hi i haven't read hide n shriek but i want to it sounds so cool. So far my fave book is prankster queen it is fun all the pranks. My fave character is Natalie i like her she's cool with her dad and stuff!!!


Emily 26 March 2011

On Thin Ice


My name's Eleanor but call me Ellie. I have only really read 1 book but from that 1 book I already love these stories. I get the books from Guille-Alles library in Guernsey.

Thanks for reading.

Ellie 13 March 2011

On Thin Ice

Hi, They are the best. I understand completely On Thin Ice because it happened to me i was invited on a weekend trip with my friend but then it was on the same weekend as our Disco so i had to leave my friend out but we kept contact and now the girl who i didn't go with is now my BFF.

Olivia 22 February 2011

Summer Camp Secrets Review

I'm Flavia, and I love these books so much! I own the entire collection, and I love reading them over and over again :)
What I like the most about them is that I can relate to everything that's happening to the characters, they've happened to me too. My favorite character is Natalie because, like her, I'm into fashion, I'm a city girl and a girly girl too. I've recommended these books to every single one of my friends :)

Flavia 26 January 2011

Awesome books

well i just started to read this book so im just a beginner LOL but im totally in love with it...its just so cool i like Tori n Natalie lots...cos well they r just like how me n my friends are so yeah i think Tori n Micheal r a great match n well if i was Jenna i would hv a crush on Blake haha well he is not bad so no harm giving a try LOL. I wish i could go to a camp just like this so that i can hv friends from other countries that wld be totally FAB!!! acually i hate reading lots of those girly book but this one WHO CARES!! i find this book is so much better then Twilight even though im a Twilight Fan. Anyways i only hv one suggestion....u SHLD make a movie well cos u hv lots of fans so y wait to make one n it will be a blast. BYES

Faatimi 23 January 2011

Best. Books. Ever.

Summer Camp Secrets are AMAZING!! I think my favourite character is Alyssa as she is arty, funky and out going just like me! I also relate to Natalie as she is a real city chick and that is totally me!! These books are amazing and tackle real issues! Best Friends really helped me as i was struggling to read and myself and my friends have a bookclub now! I can now read well and am top in class!! These books are better than Twilight and any other franchise that has hit the shelves recently! Thank you Melissa! One question though.... will there be a movie any time soon?

Krista 6 December 2010

Dear Usborne

I have read all of summer camp secrets- they are fantastic. My favourite was Miss Manhattan staring Natalie I have also liked Prankster Queen! I hope you make more SUMMER CAMP SECRET books! I have checked out the website I rate it 100/100. My fave character is Natalie and Grace in the summer camp secrets best friends? I like the end bit because they go to wet world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your books and I hope you make more of these!!

3 September 2010


Wow! I just love ALL these books. I never really liked girlie books but I love these ones!

9 August 2010


I really enjoyed the Summer Camp Secrets books!! They were the best!!! Melissa .J. Morgan can you please please please write some follow on books for this collection!!!! I think Jenna is the best character because she loves playing pranks and so do I, but the only problem is that when ever I try to play a prank I get found out straight away!! I think that I am a bit like Jenna and a bit like Alyssa.

6 August 2010

Dear Melissa J Morgan

I was really excited when I read your book. My favourite was Hide and Shriek. It was really scary yet good. I think you should turn it into a film though, it would be great. I really enjoyed this book and it had encouraged me to write my own thriller story. My thriller story is about a group of kids who get trapped in a old, ruined castle (that used to belong to a crazy scientist) with mercenaries. Do you have any tips or advise for me?
Your sincerely,

8 June 2010

These books are amazin!!

Im on numba 5 and these books are AMAZIN!!! i luv little miss not so perfect cuz i always read books about friendship and stuff but this was a real change. I CANT BELIVE HOW MEAN BRYNN WAS!!! i think my fav character is alyssa cuz she sounds really cool n i like writin in my journal 2.
Meg xxx

2nd July 2010


I have almost read all of them! I can't believe how good they are! Someone write to Melissa J. Morgan and ask her to write more! NOW!
25 June 2010


I have only read the 1st 12 books but i have ordered the other 6 but the 1st 12 are FANTASTIC!!! when Priya lied to Brynn and Jordan that was sooo bad but she made it right in the end but i think sarah is the best girl even though she's not in a lot of books
11 June 2010


10 June 2010

I love them

I live in America so my books are different but I still love them! Grace is probably my favorite because we are very much alike. We love making people laugh and talking to friends. We’re different because I love to read, unlike her. I think these books are really cool. I love summer camp and these books help me pass the time until summer vacation. U.K. says Summer Camp Secrets but I think Camp Confidential rocks!
7 June 2010

Hi Melissa

I love summer camp secrets I've read "Just friends?" and it's amazing now i'm getting all the other one's!!! Natalie's pretty ace and i'd love to be a daughter of a popstar!
Love Jade xoxo
15 May 2010


OMG PPL SIMON IS MINE!!! Those of u who haven't gone that far in the series I won't spoil it for u but for those of u who have SIMON IS MINE! But Natalie and Simon are pretty friggin hot too.
20 April 2010

Summer Camp Secrets are the BEST books ever!

I absolutely love these books I have read all 18 and my fave character is Grace. I am just like her. I really hope there will be another set. It would be awesomelyamazinglyawesome if there was.
27 March 2010


23 March 2010


My fav charater is Jenna! I love her! But I also really like Alyssa!
Bb Cool
16 March 2010

Totally Great!

Totally Great i have read all 12 books and now i am getting the other 6 books from WHSmith SUMMER CAMP SECRETS ROCKS!!!!!!!!.
7 March 2010


Hi I am a number 1 summer camp secret fan!!! My favourite character is Natalie because my name is natalie and i have a friend called hannah to i also like Alex and Grace! I started reading these books about 3 weeks ago and love them to bits my best book so far is blogging buddies because there is chapters about all the girls and i think that Natalie should so totally date Simon! Lots of love from your biggest fan! xx
2 February 2010

Totally amazing!

I think that Summer Camp Secrets are like, totally amazing! My favourite characters are Alyssa, Natalie, Brynn and Jessie. I can relate to Lyss 'cuz I'm totally artsy, Nat 'cuz, I'm your no. 1 shopping and make up queen, Brynn 'cuz I am sooo into singing and acting and Jessie 'cuz I luuurve to read!! I wish movies would be made of them (the books) as they would be sooooo amazing, certainly if they cast the right sort of kids. Like me!! Ha ha, just kidding, I'm Scottish, so it would never work! Melissa, all I can say is that you are totally invincible and have built this wall that no other author can break down!!
Your biggest eva fan from Scotland,
29 January 2010

Rock on!

Hi, I LOVE THESE BOOKS, I wanna go to camp. I think that they should turn them into a movie. If Melissa J Morgan is listening right now, please turn them into a movie, they are SO good. I would audition for Jenna Bloom. I'm more like Brynn cuz I luv acting but I love Jenna.
25 January 2010


When I first read Miss Manhattan, I loved it and was desperate to read more. Now every time I go to the library I scan the shelves about 10 times until I have found every single one on there! If you have never read any, get down to your local library or bookshop NOW!!!! (Im serious!)
13 January 2010

I lve them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!x

I love summer camp secrets books. I'm on Number 7 "Three's a Crowd". I am definitely going  to carry on reading the rest of the summer camp secret books. I think they are fantastic books. They are brilliant books for people who love nature and for those who don't. It is a fabulous book for those who like girly books and gossip. I would recommend it to everyone who has never read any of them. I think if you've re should read them all. At the end of "Prankster Queen" I was in tears. I was really gripped by it I was also gripped by "Best Friends?" And "Little Miss Not-So-Perfect". I woul like to say Melissa.J.Morgan is awesome for writting such amazing.
Nikita xxxxxxxx
7 January 2010


I have got all your books and love them! Book three - Best Friends? is the best! Grace is so brave! Wow!
Georgia xx
3 January 2010


I love summer Camp Secrets they're so cool and I can totally relate to them!
18 December 2009

PICK UP A COPY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer Camp Secrets are my favourite books ever and I can`t put them down they are so good!!!!  As soon as the new ones come out, Ii will be down to the book shop buying them before you can say " summer camp " If you haven`t read them yet you are totally missing out and I say you should head down to your library or bookshop and pick a copy up today!!!!
Jess xxxxx
6 September 2009


I love them sooooooooooo much!!!!!! Almost finished them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eleanor 11
6 September 2009


I love Summer Camp Secrets and they are my favourite books at the moment!! I have almost all of them.
Jessica xx
2 September 2009


I lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVE Summer Camp Secrets! They have got to be the best books i have ever read! The author should never stop writing them so they go on for ever! I'm addicted 2 them!!!!! My fave characters are Jenna and Natalie................. and Alyssa......OH and Grace and Alex.. I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!!  Party Time is really good. On number 9 and I'm going to carry on reading them!
29 August 2009


Miss Manhattan was a fab book and it was very gripping towards the end of it! My fav person was Grace because she is so funny and makes lots of jokes!
love Livvie
26 August 2009


Summer Camp Secrets are the best I love them u should totally read them!!!
17 August 2009


I loved the book Best Friends. It was the first book I read from Summer Camp Secrets and I loved it. It kinda made me think about who my real friends are and what they are really like. I especially loved the fact that it was Grace's story because she's my favourite character.
12 August 2009

It totally rocks!!!

I have read everything except the 5 newest books (already read the 1st one) and Prankster Queen...I hated reading until I read the 1st line of Summer Camp Secrets!!!YAY Summer Camp!!!!!!
11 August 2009


Just to let u know, Camp Confidential is the BEST BOOK ON THE PLANET!!!
18 July 2009

Best Books in the World !

I love this series!! I heard of it from an ad in a magazine. From where I'm from, the USA, we call the series Camp Confidential. I was wondering if you guys could make an American website because whenever I come here its really confusing for me because all of the books have different titles. Thanks a lot!!!
18 July 2009

WOW! Captured in three seconds!

From the first sentences I was mesmerized. The way it just started as a letter; I love letters. They are always full of the way the subject character thinks. I'm still searching for 'Blogging Buddies' (I can't find it anywhere) so I haven't got very far in the series, but I love the books; they're so good.
2 June 2009


I absolutely LOVE the Summer Camp Secrets books!!!!! They are awesome!!! I have read four of them already (not in the right order) and they are fabulous!!! These are the best books I have ever read and I am SOOOOOOO addicted to them!!!
Louise xoxox
1 June 2009

Packed with loads of fun!

OMG these books are amazing and packed with loads of fun! I have only read the first 4 but so far seems great!!! Keep up these great books Melissa J. Morgan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 April 2009


I love the books I've got them stacked on my bedroom floor. Only read some but addicted! I love NATALIE, and SIMON sounds so hot !!!!!!! Haven't heard of the 6 new ones but can't wait !!!!!!!
5 April 2009

LUV these books!!!!! They rock SO HARD!!!!

Omgosh I love these books and I swear Nat is like my long lost sister! I've read 7 books and can't wait for the next!!!!!

Jenna is my twin or something !

I just love these books! I've read about six (not in order, oops!) and I'm amazed. I thought it couldn't possibly get any better after Miss Madhatten but Prankster Queen is excellent! Somehow, you manage to make the stories long but you definitely don't drag them out. And freakily, it's like Jenna is my twin or something! Unbelievable.

Best books ever!

Summer Camp Secrets are the best books ever.
I have read them all like five times. My fave book is Three's a Crowd.
Becca xxx

Omg I totally lurve these books!

They are awesome! My fave characters are Valerie and Alyssa. And top secret info about couples... Natalie and Logan, Jenna and David, Alex and Adam, Brynn and Jordan, Tori and Michael. And there are no newbies except in 19. Read Camp Confidential coz they are the same thing. Once again omg they are FAB!

I hardly had any sleep!

I love the Summer Camp Secrets series I bought them all on one day cause I had already read one and loved it. I read about 2 each night and hardly had any sleep cause I loved the books so much. I'm now gonna go to a Summer Camp because it sounds so good in the books. I hope there's more of them coming out!!!
Beth, 12, England

I CANNOT wait!!

I CANNOT wait until the new books come out, even though I didn't know they were coming out. At least I know, and I haven't even read all the 12 books, so ALOT of buying and reading to do lol!
Charlie xxx


Summer Camp Secrets are my absolute favourite series ever! I like the book WISH YOU WEREN’T HERE the best.
Emily, age 9

Hey Y'all !

That's right an Aussie here just saying how much she LOVES SCS and Camp Confidential... also CIT's will be available soon... so keep you eye out for it! 
Maygan 12, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Best Books Ever!

I absolutely love the series, "Summer Camp Secrets"! They are truly amazing. Every one of them are so hooking and fantastic! It makes me sad when the books end. I also enjoy the characters, especially funny Jenna, loyal Natalie, and athletic Alex. My favorite books are: Miss Manhattan and On Thin Ice. Melissa J. Morgan is a wonderful author and she should definitely continue writing more series/books. 

omg i totally love them

Since I've been borrowing these books from the library I haven't really read them in perfect order, but I've been addicted since I read my first one! They're totally awesome and Ii hope I can have some of my own (not borrowed from the library)!=D
mysterygirl, turning 13 soon!

the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG i luv scs!!!!! it is sooooooooooo kl!!!!! plz plz plz can someone tell me wen the new 6 is coming out plz!!! by the way these books r the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan xoxo

can't WAIT till the next 6 come out!

My Favorite characters have so got to be, Priya, Alyssa, Tori, Natalie, Brynn and Grace! I've read 12, and can't WAIT till the next 6 come out! OMG OMG OMG OMG! I wonder who the newbies will be?
Love Gabby xoxo

totally kool!

SCS r like totally kool. My fav karecter is definitely ALEX coz I absolutley LUV sportz n I cant believe she has a crush on ADAM!!!!
Gossip Babe

Sooooooo COOL!

Summer camp secrets are SOOOOO COOL! I only have the first six so I want to get the last 6 sooo much! I am on the 5th book now! I can't wait 2 find out what happens! xx
Lizzie xx

Summer Camp Secrets is the BEST

Summer Camp Secrets is the BEST series of books EVER and my favourite characters are; Jenna, Alex, Sarah, Abby, and Chelsea because they are really sporty, and I would like to know if there are going to be anymore books.
Maygan, age 12, Australia.

SCS is the best!

omg!!! SCS is the best! My fave character is Abby.

Miss Manhattan

I have read the first book Miss Manhattan. I totally love Natalie and Simon. I like how she starts to fit in and her true friends still just be themselves. While Chelsea goes all gooey and yucky. I also don't go with nature. I am a city chick too. I hate sushi though! I don't like nature too!

My fave characters...

I have read every single one of these books! I love 'em!!!!!! I read them in a day. My fave characters are Alex, Jenna, Brynn and Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep makin' more!

Rock my socks!!

I think these books are the coolest and greatest books written. I can really relate to them and understand all of the characters. So can my friends. These books are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great, they're perfect for girls like me!!!  I LOVEE these books they Rock my socks!!!!!!!!!!!

Read them!

I just luv theese books I am officially on book 5 now - Blogging Buddies - and they are just getting better! I am 12 by the way so if there are any 12 year olds out there all I can say is read them!
Bethan (again!)

You rock bunk 3C!

I lurv all your books i am onto book four and i am soooo going to keep reading them. I am a bit of a bookworm myself but i have to say out of the hundreds and thousands of books i have read, SUMMER CAMP SECRETS ARE SO THE BEST. YOU HAVE SO GOT TO READ THEM. I think you should write more of them adventures about the cool bunk 3C gang!

Best books ever!

I think Summer Camp Secret books are the best books ever! I love them and the author is the best! I love the characters too, they make you feel like you're with them! So far I have read Prankster Queen and Miss Manhatten and I am sooooooooooo going to keep reading them!!!

Best books in the whole world!

I think the books are GREAT! I LOVE THEM! The author is the best one in the whole wide world!!! I love reading especially these books they're so good! They grab like a vice! You can't put it down!!!! BEST BOOKS IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

Summer Camp Secrets rock!

Hi everyone who reads Summer Camp Secrets books, I’m Jess and I think these books rock. My favourite one was probably Blogging Buddies!!!!!!!! Thanks Melissa for writing these books you made me actually like reading!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t read the Summer Camp Secrets books I think you should cause they rock.
The whole nation of books!!!!!!

I wish I could be in bunk 3C!

As soon as I read the first few pages of Miss Manhatten Iknew I would like them. It's exciting to know how summer camps are. I wish I could be in bunk 3c! I enjoyed reading all of the books but i think Miss Manhattan and Best Friends were my favourites. I liked the part in Best Friends when Grace stood up to Gaby because nobody likes a bossy friend! I think the best part in Miss Manhattan was when Natalie and Simon kept bumping into each other. I can't wait to read books 7,8,9,10,11and12 and i'll be looking out for them in 2008.

Can't wait to read them all!

Hi my name is Clara I am 10 and as soon as I read the first book I couldn't wait to read them all.

Best buddy readers

Hi I'm asha, and i've just started reading these books but they are soooooooooo COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I'm chloe and i have suggested these books to asha they RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

our nicknames are coco & fiz. Chloe's fave character is Jenna. Asha's fave character is Natalie.

thanks 4 making such good books.

You have turned us into bookworms - though we were already book luvas.

bi  fiz (asha)
bi coco (chloe)

I LOVE these books!

I started reading these books for 2 weeks and so far have read 3 of them. I have read 2, 5 and 4 but so far Prankster Queen is my fave. But I am lovin them all.
I LOVE these books. 10/10 full marks
Chloe x

Prankster Queen

I have only just started reading these books I've really liked the first book because I'm in to books like the one about Natalie and Simon. But I'm starting to like this second book and I can't wait to read the rest.

Summer Camp Secrets

Wow they are great I read them all and I really want her to bring out more!

Miss Manhattan book review

The book miss manhattan was excellent! i enjoyed it a lot; it was very full of things that girls would enjoy. i would not exactly recommend it to any boys, as it is very girly, but it is great! many children love these kinds of books as they are your regular princess diaries camp-out series. i wanted to read more and more! natalie was a fun-filled character who i cannot wait to hear more of! to any girls looking for a good read, i recommend this book! i personally cannot wait to buy the others...
jess, 30 May 2007

Miss Manhattan

I have just finished reading the first summer camp secrets book and it was fab. I thought that it was exciting and I could imagine being friends with all of the girls in bunk 3C. My favourite part of the story was when Natalie and her friends raided Simon's bunk and the boys woke up and found them! I have already recommended it to my friend and she thinks it is brilliant. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
Rosie, age 8

Miss Manhattan

I LOVED IT!!! It was a nice easy read that kept going and was fast paced, and some how it just kept you reading. I really want to know what happens with Natalie and Simon, do we get any more info?

Summercamp Secrets

I've only just finished the first book and am looking for the other books. I think they are FANTASTIC. My favourite characters are Grace and Alex because I'm like them both the most. I can't wait to find out what happens in the other books.