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// 06/09/18
Cup of Coffee


Hi, I’m Natalie. I love hanging out with my supercool friends back home in NYC, just rollerblading around Central Park, shopping or meeting for frappuccinos. But camp is loads of fun too – much more than I expected – and I’ve made loads of great friends here. I could cope without the nature shack though!

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Hi, I’m Jenna. I’ve been coming to Lakeview for years and I love it! I get the whole summer to mess around and play pranks without my parents catching me – I just have to watch out for my brother and sister who come here too. But so what? I can just prank them as well!

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Roller Blade


Heya, I’m Grace! Everyone at Lakeview knows me ’cos I’m kinda loud! I love to make people laugh, so I’m always goofing around. Well, it’s so much fun being at camp, away from all the stressy school stuff for eight whole weeks, that I just can’t help myself!

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Music Notes


Hey, I’m Alyssa. Before I came to camp I spent a lot of time by myself, painting or writing my journal – I’m into music and art in a big way. But everyone here’s really cool and I’ve been having a great time, even without being some major jock or drama star. I never would have thought that getting up at 6.45am every day could mean this much fun!

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Hey there, I’m Chelsea. I wasn’t sure about this whole camp thing to start with, but actually it’s been pretty fun. I wish I had more time to get a tan, but at least I get to wear my cute new sundress for the camp dance. And some of the boys are kinda cute, even if the girls can be a pain sometimes!

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Hi, I’m Alex. I love camp ’cos I get to spend the whole summer playing sports and hanging out with my friends – my two favourite things. Okay, so it might be impossible for all twelve of us bunk 3C girls to get on all the time, but we’re always there for each other when it’s most important, and that’s what matters!

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Nail Varnish


Hey, I’m Brynn. Camp is great ’cos it gives me a chance me to ‘hone my craft’ – I love the theatre and I’m determined that one day I’m going to act on Broadway. But for now, at least I get to spend all my time in the drama shack and practise with my friends for the camp play. Well, until they get sick of me saying my lines anyway!

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Hi, I’m Karen. I like being at camp, but I miss home too – my teddy collection had to come all the way from Chicago with me to Lakeview to keep me company. The girls here are really nice, but sometimes I just wish I could be a bit more outgoing like them. Maybe that will be my resolution when I come back next year!




Hi there, I’m Candace, and I think everything about camp is just brill! Being in a bunk with all the other girls is so much fun, with all our midnight feasts and pillow fights and secret raids. And though I might not be the first person to come up with ideas, I always get totally excited and make sure I back everyone up all the way.




Hey, Iím Sarah. I love being at camp ícos I get to be a totally different person to the one I am at school. There, I feel like everyone sees me as the quiet one (and maybe even a little bit of a nerd), but here Iím sporty Sarah and I love it! Competing in all the games and tournaments at camp is just the best feeling ever!

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Mobile Phone


Hey girlies, I’m Valerie. I love coming to Camp Lakeview – I’ve made some really good friends here and we always have the best time together. There are so many great activities to try too...especially dancing – it's practically what I live for!

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Hi, I’m Jessie. It’s great at Camp Lakeview ’cos everyone gets the chance to do their own thing. Like, I’m always really happy to just spend time chilling out by the lake with a book, but it’s great fun doing group stuff, like scavenger hunts, too. Sometimes people might think I’m a bit spaced out, but I’m just soaking up the camp vibe!

Ice cream sundae


Hey, I’m Priya. I love being at summer camp, even though everyone gives me a hard time about being best friends with a boy. Maybe it seems weird, but I’ve known Jordan for ever, and we have the best time together, messing around and doing gross dares. But I do have fun with my bunkmates too – it’s always great to have some girl-talk time!

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Hi, I’m Tori. I’m new to Lakeview and although I wasn’t too sure about the whole spider-in-the-bathroom thing at first, my great new camp friends Nat and Alyssa have helped me through. And in return, I’m always happy to share all the fab make-up and gossip mags that my mother sends from LA. Well, a girl’s got to look her best!

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Hey there, I’m Abby and I just love sports. I play them all the time back at school and I’m pretty good, even if I do say so myself. I’m also pretty competitive…but that’s the best thing about camp – getting to compete in all the team events. Colour War sounds like a blast. I can’t wait to get stuck in!


Ice cream


Hey, I’m Gaby. Being at camp is great…even if people don’t quite get my snarky sense of humour. Ha-ha! But seriously, I’ve made some really cool friends, and believe it or not, our camp bonding experiences have helped me discover my sweeter side – yes, I have one!

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