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// 06/09/18

Camp Games

Here are Alex and Abby's top Summer Camp games and team-building activities:

Computer Mouse

Has your favourite fun game been missed? Send it to us and we may include it on the website!

Alex's Summer Camp games

Hi, I'm Alex! Here are my favourite games at Summer Camp. Print this web page to make a copy of the game rules.

Horse Basketball


For 2 players, on a basketball court

In this game, players take turns shooting hoops without defending each other. If you cannot make the same shot as your opponent, you earn a letter of the word H.O.R.S.E. The idea of the game is to earn as few letters as possible, while your opponent tries to do the same. The first to earn all 5 letters, finishing with E, is knocked out of the game, leaving the other player as the winner!

  • Toss a coin to decide who goes first. 
  • The first player attempts a shot from any place on the court they choose. If they miss, the next player takes a shot from a position of their own choosing.
  • Once a player makes a shot, their opponent must duplicate the shot, i.e. make the same shot from the same position. If they miss, they receive a letter from the word “horse”, and the first player is free to shoot from another spot on the court. If they make the shot, they then choose their own shot to take and play continues as above.
  • A player is knocked out of the game once he or she has enough letters to spell out the word “horse.” The remaining player wins.

*Shots should not be taken from the same place twice in a game.
*HORSE can also be played with more than two players.
*HORSE is a great game for trying out trick shots if you’re a basketball pro!

Blob Tag

  • Choose someone as “IT”.
  • The person who is IT chases everyone else. Once they catch someone, they must join hands to create a Blob.
  • The Blob must keep holding hands while they start chasing again. Whoever they catch joins on to the Blob.
  • Once the Blob has six people, it can split into two groups of three, and may split into groups of three at any time after that.
  • The person left without being tagged, i.e. the last person not to be in a Blob, is IT and the game starts again – until you’re all too tired to run any more!

Icebreaker Memory Game


We all play this at the beginning of summer to get to know each other!

  • Everyone sits in a circle and one person is chosen to begin.
  • The first person says their name and something they like that begins with the same letter as their name, e.g. “Hi, I’m Jenna, and I like jewellery.”
  • The next person in the circle does the same for themselves, but also repeats the previous person’s info.
  • The turn passes around the circle with each person adding their own info, as well as repeating everyone else’s in the order it was said, e.g. “My name is Grace, and I like gummy bears. This is Chelsea and she likes cheesy music, and that’s Alyssa and she likes art class. And Candace likes card games and Jenna likes jewellery.” And so on, and so on, until the last person has to remember absolutely everything – poor them!

“I Have Never…”

Mobile Phone

This is a fun variation on a game we play in our bunk to find out more about each other.

  • Everyone sits in a circle of chairs, except for one person who stands in the middle.
  • The person in the middle calls out something they have never done, e.g. “I have never been to New York.”
  • The people who are sitting in the chairs who HAVE DONE what this person has NEVER DONE must get up and switch seats. But you're not allowed to switch seats with the person sitting directly next to you!
  • The person in the middle has to quickly try and take a seat from those that are switching seats before they become occupied again.
  • Whoever is left in the middle says something they’ve never done and the switching starts again…

Abby's team-building activities

If you want to be a winning team, it's essential to have team spirit! These activities are great for team-building and also make great party games for large groups of people.

Human Knot

  • Get everyone in your group to stand in a circle.
  • Everyone then reaches across the circle with their right hand to grab the right hand of another person in the group.
  • Then everyone reaches in with their left hand to grab the left hand of another person in the group.
  • Now your aim is to untangle the knot you have made without letting go of hands until a circle is formed.

NB - This can be tricky, so if you're really in a knot, administer knot first-aid! A pair of tangled hands can be broken, but only with group consensus.

Count Off

  • Get everyone to sit in a circle. The aim is to count to 20 – sounds simple right? But there are a few catches!
  • There can be no pre-planning who is going to say which number.
  • You cannot count around the circle.
  • You must do it without any two people saying a number at the same time. If this happens you need to go back to the beginning and start all over again!
  • No talking or signals allowed.

Once you’ve mastered it, see how fast you can do it!

Birthday Line

  • Get your group to form a single, straight line in order of your birthdays. January birthdays are at the beginning of the line with the earliest dates at the front and late December birthdays at the back. People with the same birthday should stand side by side.

Of course, there’s a catch – no talking allowed!

  • Use hand signals and gestures, but no lip-reading or spelling out!
  • When the line is completed, get each person to shout out his or her birthday, starting with January. How did you do?