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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Cris Anita, Mery, Carlos, Alvaro, Roshni, Saki Swimming in the pool with my friends! When the boys act obnoxious and try to play tricks - as if they could fool us! Once we were on a school trip and I was sat next to one of my friends. Apparently when I fell asleep I rested my head on his shoulder by accident. I suffered the teasing all week!
Roshni Just one? Hmmm... Sorry, it has to be Abi, Holly and Mia! My oldest silver necklace that I still love. Spiders Getting hay stuck in my hair while playing with my friends and spending about 3 hours in her shower trying to wash it out!
Clarise Emily I love Ice Skating and being with my mates. I hate spiders and butterflies. Erm ... i dont have an embarrassing moment yet.
Gaby (Gabs) Roxy (Rox) Hanging out at the pool with my mates and reading our fav mags, then going for a swim. Then going to the mall. Spiders & other creepy things. Once I was making up this song, and I said somthing disgusting ( I will not tell you what) and everyone started to laugh and when I got what I said this girl who I HATE tried to tell this boy who just found out that me and my bessie liked him last year but now he is yuk.
Anna Olivia Sitting by a pool reading my fav mag Wasps and bees I was walking around the school field talking to my best mate when suddenly she and a couple of other girls started staring and laughing at me.
Isabel (Issie) Tze Shin, Anastasia and Juliet Reading Bullys, mean people, people who say I'm weird because I dont like fashion and like reading and dummies (mannequins). ?????????????????????????????????
Abby Jade Reading (my friends call me bookworm or booky!!!) When my friends call me weird just because I like reading. When I started talking to this woman that I thought was my mum because she had on the same jacket as her!!!
Evelyn Vivian and Margaret Blogging, chatting online, dancing, my iPod, and reading Summer Camp Secrets! Insects Tripping on the stairs in front of everyone at school.
Clarise Emily Ice Skating Spiders None
Chua Wan Qing Teh Su Chen Getting a pet dog A fish Getting on the wrong school bus at school! There were so many people WATCHING!
Stephanie Shonya and Megan Reading, Writing, My Family and Friends and Rollercoasters! Clowns When A Boy Asks Me Out And I Say Yes And Its For A Joke!
Laura Sian Reading my books! They totally RULE! Also I luv making up stories in my note pads! SPIDERS and HEIGHTS! When I was playing footie and I kicked the ball and slipped over and all the boys laughed at me!
Sophie Abbie and Heather Ponies (I go riding). SNAKES Fell in mud at school (I was covered).
Teresa Jennifer Play Volley Ball, Swimming, Reading, Playing with my friends, and doing projects. Insects When I trip or giving a wrong answer to a question.
Mia-Rose Elena To do my make-up and hang around with my mates Mice When I tripped up in front of the whole school
Issy Emma Sleepovers and basketball they're both so fun! Maths Don't have one
Amber Pippa Icecream! And boys, especially all the lads who play footie at lunch and we can watch! People who pick on people for stupid stuff like what phone they have and stuff When my school skirt got tucked into my pants with teddy bears on them - soooooo embarrassing, and all the boys saw!
Ginger Elle Singing in the shower ^^ My annoying little brother >.< When I got locked in the school toilets and had to climb out a window, only to fall to the ground and land in a puddle of mud in front of the boys football team :O
Phoebe Yasmin, Liala, and Nehemiah Sleepovers! they're so much fun!! you get to stay up later than ever!! p.s footy too! maths, science and school assemblies, they're so boring i nearly fell asleep once!!! Getting picked on by the p.e teacher to demonstrate I was practically a tomato!!
Abbie Anna & Carrie &*Lynny* football forever!!!!!!!! when my friends move school !!!!!!!! lynny com bak plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!