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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Marrisa Steph Nail polish and Hello Kitty. Snakes. At girls camp someone jogged me and loads of nail polish (yellow I got dared) over my capri pants and my crush from boys camp (opposite) saw. oh no!
Val Alyssa and Hannah Reading, my summer camp, and friends. Nothing!!!!!! My summercamp friend Sarah (like in the book) called me Brynn (from the book) cause I love acting.
Allie Heidi Talking, playing my guitar and hanging out with my friends! Spiders and science! Turning up to a party in the same outfit as somebody else!
Georgie Orkidea & Charlotte Being with my family & mates. Gossiping, sleepovers & girl nights in. Makeovers, truth or dare & having fun! Spiders, snakes and when mean & dweeby girls follow me around. When a guy kissed me and everyone saw.
Aisha Naila My cute red and gold bracelet. Snakes When I was walking on ice and fell in front of my whole class.
Olivia Everyone! Go have fun with my friend (like shop'in!) Being left out! When I was 4 my mum took a pic of me naked on the beach.
Nat Annie Playing soccer and making new friends when going to sports clubs. Got to be spiders they are totally horrible. Once when i went skiing i was trying 2 impress a cute boy but when i went on the ski lift my skis fell off and me and him to bum it down all the way argh
Samantha (Sam) Helene Writing e-mails, singing, acting, watching TV, swimming at the lake with my friends, goofing around, shopping and listening to music. Lizards When I was pushed into the pool with all my clothes on in front of my crush!!!
Chloe Verity Reading (especially Summer Camp Secrets). Spending time with Verity. Well I have a phobia of dogs. I know it's silly I just go all funny. I was at a summercamp I ran to my bunk in slippers and pj's. my bottoms fell down. cringe!!!!
Jessica No one Computer!!!!! Snakes, bugs. Messing up in a school play.
Anna Rosie Playing on the trampoline and shopping with Rosie. Snakes I hugged the wrong dad.
Kellie Rachael Dancing and basketball. Show-offs. Nothing LOL
Joanna Lois Dancing, gymnastics, designing clothes and hanging out with my friends. People who show off. When I was in the supermaket and we was just about to go home when i said "Dad can i have my cake now" then he turned round and it wasn't my dad CRINGE!
Hannah Jasmin Anything yummy. i don't have a pet arggh Nothing lol
Seher Mahria Reading, swimming , Jacqueline Wilson, family, drama, and best mate lol When it doesn't do its poo in the litter box arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! When I say something but it comes out as proper gobble de gook lol
Djihane Ruweyda Reading in a park. Swimming lengths. Drawing or colouring. Everybody saying I'm a goody goody two shoes. When I aciddently splatted this really nice looking guy with paint on the face!!!
Abi Roshni, Mia, Danny, Sianie, MuffinMan! Jumping in those giant hay bales in the field near Roshni's house - especially if there are boys there to throw corn at! Girls who have a new 14 year old boyfriend every 2 minutes Trying to ride a bike after four years and totally messing up! I'm talking sprawled across Adam's drive messed up!
Miranda Caitlin, Johanna and Kate Playing sports, school, food, hanging out with friends and boys!!! Bad things!!!! When I was in P.E. once my overalls came unbuckled!
Caitlin Miranda and Liz and Abby and Johanna Playing soccer with my friend miranda and hanging with the rest of my friends at school! SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I went swimming with my friends Abby and got a hole in the butt of my swimming suit.
Lizzy Sarah Swimming and hanging around with my m8s People chewing loud Went down a hill and noked 2 of my front teeth out!