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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Heavenly Vannesa Singing my lungs out Running around the school field several times When the wind blew my dress and my dress stayed up and everybody was laughing at me
Haleemah Barakat Reading novels and singing Cockroaches and flies When I wore a see through dress to school
Samar Safiya and Rimsha Hanging out with my two bffs Surprise tests Forgetting my lines in a yr 3 assembly and then running to back stage
Treya Yashasvi, Kartikay and Gouri I looooooove photography especially wildlife photography! It rrooocks. Books too. Family and friends Blood and arguments When my bff told my crush I liked him!!! He liked me too so it was kinda okay afterwards!
Abbie Lillie, Katie, Slessor, Elle, Rhea, Liam Singing, listening to music like Little Mix and Katy Perry, going out I HATE SCHOOL!!!! Dont have one!
Lillie Abbie and Katie One direction and minecraft Tests Dont have one
Maia Chloe, Ciara and Abby My new dark-blue superdry hoodie and just dance 2014 People who think they're better than everyone else, and cheese We went on a school trip to France in year seven and on the way home I fell asleep and started snoring/sucking my thumb. I woke up to the whole bus laughing. It was so embarrassing. The girl next to me laughed so hard that lemonade started coming out of her nose. Cringe
Diana Catherine Chocolate ice-cream and my pet called Roxie When my brothers make fun of me When I tripped while going out for lunch-break
Natalie Jane Dancing Dogs, bullies and boys When I had to go to a male classmate's house for a sleep over I was the only girl and he likes me
Faith Kachinga Hanging out with Kachinga Bad people When I try to be a girly girl
Jael Naomi and Ikpemosi I love sports and I also love singing. And am not that bad of a dancer either. I hate gossips and I definitely hate the colour PINK When I told my crush I liked him in front of his friends and then he just laughed
Abby Lily Dancing in nature and relaxing People being mean When I am being mean
Ella Arianna Fashion, bffs, and my boyfriend Any type of bug and pigeons When my best friend told my crush I liked him
Angelina Summer and Pitcher Disco parties Slugs and heights When this boy I liked told me he liked me... In front of half the entire school!
Stephanie Jemma, Rose and Ella Harry my dog Walks Not doing something right
Katherine Cassie, Summer, Aya, Katie and Zain Being fashionable and hanging out with people I like. Spiders Some boy that I only met that day kissing me when I was walking (he grabbed me and did it, now I try never ever to cross him again)
Amy Zelle, Maya, Lucy & the other Lucy Horse Riding!!! And reading and hockey Spiders When I was putting my horse back once I had opened the gate and she headed straight for the water - the gate wasn't closed so her best friend Secret got out. By the time someone had realized, I was hysterically crying. But luckily no one blamed me.
Arabella Sarah My favorite thing is my sparkling green tank top. I totally hate bugs and all the other slimy and icky things The most embarrassing moment was when I was new to school and everyone was staring at me. Then I accidentally slipped and fell on the floor.
Lucy Victoria, Varina, Revathy, Josna Singing and chillin' with my friends My annoying little brother Peeing while playing hide and seek
Lillie Elle, Katie, Abbie One direction, minecraft, Blott.(shop) and Eastenders BOYS and also bugs In assembly when 9 of us yr 6s had to get up and I was one of them, my leg fell asleep and it kept going in weird directions