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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Kayleigh Eleanor and Cara Acting and dancing. Spiders. When I farted in drama in front of everyone!!!!!
Lizzie Ruth Chocolate + ice-cream. Snakes. At a party at Macdonalds and there were some cute boys so I went and started strutting my stuff and there was a wet patch on the floor and I slipped on it and they all laughed at me.
Amber Lindsay To read, tell secrets and hangout with friends boys and girls. Cockroachs. When I stepped on my crush's foot.
Teh Su Chen Chua Wan Qing My Linkin Park album. Goldfish. ~none at the moment~
Bronte Fleur and Luisa Singing, drama and reading cool books :) BUGS!!!!!!!! When I had to say something in front of the whole school and mucking it up big time!
Ann Kelly Read, read, and read! Bugs. Eew, ew, ew!! When I mistook some woman for my mum and hugged her.
Joni Hannah Swimming and reading. Bullies. Forgetting my lines in a school play.
Beth Emma, Tessa and Carla Reading Summer Camp Secrets, shopping, hanging out with my friends. Spiders. None.
JennaLil Hannah, Grace Shopping, Frappachino, Sushi, Painting my nails and Fashion mags. Spiders, Snakes, Custard, Bugs and Getting into trouble. I tripped into the swimming pool in Dubai and then the lifeguard jumped in to save me because he thought i was drowning even though i was perfectly fine!!!!!!!
Sarah-Jane Chloe. My kitten Molly. SPIDERS!!! Still in the making!!!
Jessica Abbey. Chillin out at lunch. Spiders/Showoffs. When my mom came to pick me up from school with a flourecent yellow/green umbrella.
Nicole Emily. Swimming and art. Guineapigs. When i got told off in front of the whole school.
Chantel Laura. Swimming. Cats. When my friend gaby told this boy i like him (I HATED THAT) now he wont leave me alone he sings to impress me! and he sounds like a whining dog or worse!
Kirsty Charlie! we r soul sista's. Talkin' on msn! (obviously). Cleanin 'em out doin a dance nd ma m8te sent it 2 every1 he knows!!!! ill neva liv it dwn.
Fiana Kate! We have been best friends for like ever. Well my fav thing would have to be friendships coz they're really cool. I hate pets altogether! Once I forgot about having a no uniform day at school and I came in in my skirt when everyone else had trousers and when we did the sports I tripped up and my skirt came right up! It was awful!
Beverley Natasha Reading, reading and more reading! Tarantula Mistaking someone for my mum and giving her a hug!
Kate Fiana!!!! and Kate!!!! = B.F.F.!!!!!! Reading, dancing, art, gymnastics i don't have one!!! hehiggly hehiggly!!! Well I was at summercamp and I was totally crushing on this guy and I was staring so hard I toppled backwards into the lake!! I was soaked but then he helped me out!!!
Jenna Grace Shopping DEFO! And sports especially synchronized swimming. Custard, spiders and letting people down! When I let off in front of my Boyfriend and my best friend and her dad and her best friend!!!!!
Chloe Alex & Izzy Riding, shopping, sleepovers and much more. Getting told off in class , bugs, wasps and bullies. When I was in the paddock on my loan pony and she started roling I jumped off and every one was laughing cos I had a paddock-coloured face.
Susy Mraiem COMPUTER! CHAT! DRAW! Totally cool! Pets have diseases! I don't like to touch animals. I'm allergic to them! Being exposed while picking your nose!