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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Maddi Don't have one all my friends are my best friends. Playing sports, hanging with friends, playing in the snow. Bullies, shopping and people that like you one day and then hate u the next day. When I took too long to dress into my 2nd costume and missed like ...3 lines sooooo embarrassing.
Bethiie Emma MSN, GHDs, Shopping People Who Are Complete Fakes, and Baked Beans. When I Dropped My Popcorn All Over Someone at The Cinema.
Zainab Katheryn and Asia. Arts and craft. Snakes and geography!! Nothing
Asha Jess, Nellie, Chloe and Ellie. Pandas, riding and reading. Spiders and wasps. I had just been on a trip at school and I was running down the park to show my mum what I had bought but I went straight to this other lady. CRINGE CITY!!!
Sophie Jo Jamie Drama/writing songs. When people are nice one moment and nasty the next. When I slipped in front of my crush!
Danielle Rae, Megan and Katie Reading, playing on computer and girly gossip. Things that crawl. When my friend pulled me over and I fell on the floor.
Kirsten Amber, Bianca, Kayla, Jenna. Reading, ice skating, hockey, my friends. Snakes, anything that looks like a cokoroach. When I was at my friends' house and we put on a play. I was holding a pillow and I turned around hard and broke the wedding glass from their uncle's wedding.
Danielle Rachel Shopping! Bugs. Forgetting what to say when in front of a crowd.
Niki Vini Dancing, reading, listening to my ipod, makeovers, clothes, craft, going shopping, dogs and looking at cute guys in the mall with my friend Vini. Snakes ,bugs (any creepy crawlies as a matter of fact) mean and bossy people. Once in the park, me and my friend were walking, I tripped on a stone and a very cute guy caught me and I was so stunned that I stood there like that for like ten minutes.
Kayleigh Kate, Roisin and loads more!!!!! Acting, dancing and reading! Also hot lads and make-up!!!! Big dogs. When I was on set and I was talking to this hot lad and I was called over by someone and I fell over a prop and ripped my costume!!!!!!!
Jessica Danielle Clothes, bags, make-up and magazines. Boys, noises and the dark. When I split my pants in Disneyland Paris.
Jade Jean, Evelyn and Jillian Writing, reading, singing, photography, listening and creating music and anything related to art, sports and plants. Heights Being called upon in class by my teacher to answer a question because I wasn't paying attention and had my nose buried in a book. Everyone was staring at me and I started to feel my face flush... Uh-oh!
Ane Bella Movies When I came to school with two bandages on my cheek.
Becki Georgia My most fave thing in the world is CHOCOLATE !!!!!!!! I hate dogs. When I went to school in mufti and realised it was the wrong day and everyone laughed!!!!!!
Rabia Bella Hanging around with friends, sleepovers, shopping, reading magazines, sports. Snakes When I fell off my knee board and a really cute guy was staring at me.
Hannah Lucy Computer, DS, reading, writing and running. I hate SNAKES (people have them as pets!) When I do something wrong, and no-one else is doing it!!!
Jess Josie I luv riding and spending time with books and friends. Anything that stings. Don't have one that I can remember.
Eilidh Rebecca Fashion tips. Snakes. Getting cup of juice poured over my head by my sister.
Amanda Ashley and many more. Shopping and going on the computer. Cafeteria food. I wet my pants in front of my friends.
Eleanor Charlotte I love dancing but I also quite like to read a book especially Summer Camp Secrets. I absouloutely hate spiders and tarantulas. I was walking to school one day on my own and I was reading my book and I slipped in some dog poo and landed on my bum.