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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Jessica Manisha. My fave thing would be my McFly scrap book ! When people make fun of my last name. When I read sometimes I miss out words and the rest of the class think I can't read and start laughing.
Claire Bobby and Josh My boyfriend and hanging around with my friends at college. Arguments. Don't have one.
Chloe Angel, Tommy and Carl Hang around with my twin sister and my mates. My annoying little sister and my little brother and my big brother. My little sister pulled my skirt down in front of my boyfriend.
Angel Chloe, Tommy and Carl Hang around with my twin sister and my mates. Nothing. When I was at school I fell down the stairs and hurt my ankle.
Bobby Claire, Josh, Tara, Charlotte Football. Snakes. Threw icecream down myself.
Jasmine Jojo, Becky and Jess. Shopping, listening to the music I like, reading and making people laugh. Secrets, bullies and missing my mates over the holiday. When this girl told everyone who I liked.
Nicole Priyanka Swimming and art. Spiders they make me scream one of my bff's held a tarantula and proved it by taking a pic in 2 school. Looked horrible. When I got asked out for the first time and everyone kept asking me questions.
Raluca Melanie Shopping! Broccoli! YUCK! I was star of the week and I had to wait till everyone was gone and I went at the same time as my class and everyone was laughing.
Anna Carly Singing, Dancing, Acting, Movies, SHOPPING! Make up. HOMEWORK When I went on an overniter we all had to cross a muddy patch I fell three times in front of everyone MEGA CRINGE
Charlie Abi Daydreaming, singing-acting-dancing, listening to music. SATS revision - I've got 2 months of it!!!! When someone in my class asked me out!! I replied (prepare yourselves...) "um, er sure - actually no , maybe. um nn n n nnoo no!"
Rachel Lydia Horseriding. Spiders. When I fell down a small pot-hole in school.
Esra Sinem Going shopping with my bestfriend and cinema. My parents and teachers boosing me around! There was this festive fusion thing in school and I was a steward and to enterteain the kids I had to wear a teddy bear costume. A little boy came and tripped me over in the middle of the stage and everyone was lauthing at me when the teacher took my mask off! :O
Lorna Francesca Dancing, goin cinema with my friends. Cows. When I spat yogurt at my friend in a restaurant.
Lyss Natalie, Bunny Talkin, Singin, listenin 2 music Contradicters, people who act cool. When my fren accidentally said in front of my crush that I like him... I totally freaked out!
Jia Min Wen Li, we have been bestest best friends since 8!!! Dancing and swimming! All insects and tests!!! None at the moment as I do not have boy that I have a crush on.....
Jannet Lauren Chocolate milkshakes. School I begged my boyfriend to hang out with me, but he said no.
Natalie Clara Hanging out with my friends, of course, reading Summer Camp Secrets, playing Scrabble and drawing manga. I hate people who act cool! When I got ticked off in public!
Holly Holly My kyack, swimming, going on holiday and doin stuff that makes me laugh!! Bullying and the cold. When I was laughing at somthing not funny at all in my english lesson lol :]
Ecclesia Molly My scrapbook. I hate bullies and traitors! When I fell during skiing onto a boy! OMG!
Ellie Emily Shopping and chilling with lemonade by the pool!!! Spiders! When I fell in a lake on hols :(