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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Kyra MaryKate, Erin, Sean, and Maggie When I get to go to Borders and read "Camp Confidential" (Summer Camp Secrets), and when I have or am at a really big sleepover! When I get into fights with my friends, when my friends gang up on me, and when there's spiders around me! In 1st grade my friend, Erin told everyone that I liked this boy and eveyone was staring at me, including my crush. I used to rate him sooooooooooo much!LOL
Samantha Melanie Joking with my bestie and messing about. I HATE it when my bestie starts going out with a hot boy, she always seems to forget that I'm right next to her!!! When I fell off a top bunk and my friend started laughing and teasing me.
Gabriella Jo and Claire. Cinema bizzarre, the veronicas, avril lavigne, bob marly, russell brand, my mobile, lost prophets. Plastics and prep. Farting realy loudly in Year 6 while the teacher was reading.
Meghan Danielle and Brogan. My fave thing is just to hang out with my friend Danielle get all the gos and I also like swimming. There's a boy who always picks on people espeically on one of my close friends from school. When everyone was listening to my teacher and I had a drink and I started coughing but everything was quiet so when I coughed they all turned to look at me I went bright red!
Amber Haley, Sharyl, Sharon and Thea. Reading, shopping, hanging out with my friends and spying on my crush! Being embarrassed in public, pink and frilly stuff and having a friend of my bf dump me. My crush was walking past and one of my friends shouted out, really loudly,"Hey! Amber, there's your crush!". She was looking straight at him! Ugh! My face was flaming red! And, my crush quickly walked away, blushing! I can't forget about it!Ever!
Sophie Zoe, Louisa, Ciara and Sarah. Reading, rollerblading and hanging out with my friends. Spiders and heights. When I kicked my crush's shin instead of the ball in a game of soccer.
Louisa Jane, Sophie, Ciara, Lauren and Rhona. Running races and painting my nails. Spiders and maths. Dropping my cousin's birthday cake at my granny's house.
Stevie Kes, Molly, Lucy, Jagoda, Will, Yan, Max, Caity. Reading, writing stories surfing the net and watching Friends and Scrubs. Spiders, needles and insects. When I saw my bezzie and my ex boy bf kissing and they saw that I saw them.
Hannah Karianne Hanging out with friends..going on msn..n just chillin. Spiders..bees.. n wasps. Umm..I dont really have an embarrassing moment because I normally just laugh it off.
Alexandrea Carla Reading books, web design, chatting with my BFFs at school or maybe on the computer. My worst enemies at school. When I tell the jokes that aren't even funny and when I say the wrong thing or lyric when I sing.
Emma Rebekah My fave thing is popstars like hannah montana All insects! ummmmmmmmmmmm oh yeah when somebody revealed a secret.
Jo Gabby, Olivia and Emma. Chocolate, animals, reading, watching tv, playing on the computer and my nintendo ds, my friends and family and of course reading Summer Camp Secrets! The dark, homework, bullies and brussels sprouts. When I came out of the cinema with my bezzie Gabby I was really hyper and laughing so much from the movie we had just seen that I tripped up and my purse went flying out of my pocket into a nearby bush and I was still laughing so much that Gabby had to get it for me and loads of people were staring at us! MEGA CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Livia Megan, Katie, Mali and the bratz Books. I'm a book worm. Animals and creepy crawlies. When I told someone a crush I had in my first group and he told everyone! In the end I had a new crush.
Joni Hannah, Bethany and Alice Netball, shopping sprees and definitely reading. Assemblies and pears. When I was in the loo and a stranger opened the door and saw me. It was sooo embarrassing!!!
Sarah Cindy and Roxanne. Playing rounders in school with my friends. Having a fight with my friends. When it was our school sleep-over I accidentally snored because I was sick and my friends teased me!
Sarah Cindy and Roxanne. Playing rounders in school with my friends. Having a fight with my friends. When it was our school sleep-over I accidentally snored becauce I was sick and my friends teased me!
Kate Georgia Chocolate and shopping with my friends!!!!!!!!!!!! Cauliflower, spiders and sprouts DEFO!! When I was in Horseworld and a squirrel went up my dress SO EMBARRASSING!!!!
Alyssa Kesia, Molly and Lucy. Reading, watching Scrubs and Friends, and surfing the net. Spiders When someone found out my secret crush and told everyone and then everyone teased me the next day.
Georgia Kate Playing rounders, putting peoples make up on and playing truth or dare and spin the bottle. Spiders When I burped really loudly in church.
Evie Kesia Reading Spiders When someone found out my secret crush and told everyone and everyone kept teasing me about it the next day.