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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Bailey Miranda Soccer Spiders IDK
Rosanna Kendra Playing with Kendra. Getting all hot and sweaty when I'm playing basketball. When boys see me hot and sweaty and imitate me.
Chloe Hayley Hangin with haylez (hayley) Brussel sprouts Ooohhhh that's hard.
Gem Leia Make up and Drama Homework When I feel STUIPID.
Lily Daisy,Christie and Grace. Swimming, Running, Golf, Gymnastics and going on mega shopping sprees in New York City!!! Spiders and Bad Manners!!!!!!!!! I was on a School Field Trip to a little river and my frind didn't have any wellies on so she was on a rock holding on to me and then she lost her balance and we both fell in!!!!!!! Talk about Embarrassing.
Laura Rose Drawing pics of clothes because I love fashion. Spiders!! eep!! Me and all my mates were down the park and I was sitting at the top of the swing set with my best top and I got a massive oil mark on it and I jumped down and everyone started laughing so I ran home omg talk about embarrassing!
Jessica Leonie, Lara, Natasha and Gitty. Reading Spiders When I got up and felt dizzy, then fell on top of someone in front of my whole school!!
Siobhan Roxanne and Bianca. Books (not school books). Homework, spiders, snakes and friends fighting. Running into the glass door while playing tag.
Lydia Emily My fave thing is reading Summer Camp Secrets books. And playing with my friends. Spiders and goolies!!! We were making a cake and we splattered it everywhere and then my mum walked in.
Louise Kate Playing with K8 in Galway. Sleepovers. Bullies When I called my teacher Grandad!!!
Kate Amy and Tasmin. The T.V. program "Friends" and sports, shopping, being with friends and family!! I hate spiders and liars. When I sang a song in front of my whole year group with my friend who is a really good singer, I sounded really rubbish and I felt like such a dork!! Oh no!!
Abi Anna Hannah Montana SPIDERS! Playing a netball match when my skirt fell off.
Jennabellarina Erie Saying hi and hey to people and introducing my name. When people laugh at my name!:( I know it's weird, but I like it! Peeing on Erie right on her head when she was trying to piggyback me!
Arabella Tennis Playing and socialising with Tennis, and acting in front of an audience! When people pick their nose, it's so gross!!! When heaps of people saw my bum crack when I was wearing my low skinny jeans, especially Tennis!
Bianca Melissa Lemon sorbet. Fish and chips. When I got really angry and I started yelling Italian at my brother and all these really handsome boys started laughing at me.
Jen Danielle My cell phone. Spiders, not having my phone, heights, and annoying people. When I was talking to my best friend, I asked if a duck was a bird and she looked at me funny and started to she never lets me live it down and she just had to tell everyone about it and now anyone who knows about it makes fun of me. I now know that a duck IS a bird. lol =)
Lucy Imogen My super cute black and white shorter dress. SPIDERS I was in an airport and had just gone to the loo I came out and passed a group of seriously cute boys they laughed at me and I turned around to see my cute skirt tucked into my pants I was beetroot colour!
Sophie Emma My cat, Petrova. Beetroot When I did a high-kick towards this annoying boy at school and he saw my bright pink pants.
Paige Caitlyn and Melissa A day in LA, shopping, going to a cafe and being with the girls. School =), chores, work. A LOT!