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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Allysa Nicole Reading magazines with my BFF. Spiders, snakes and heights. When my crush saw me hanging out with a boy that he didn't know was my cousin!!!!
Bridget Gianella, Megan, Daniela. Soccer, track, singing, volleyball. When ppl talk about other ppl. I was walking next 2 my crush and then I ran into a waterfountain and he started laughing at me.
Taylor Knox, Jay, Paddy, Courtney, Alex, and Conner. Playing sports, animals, saving my environment, reading, photography, theater, art, school, hanging with my family. My sister bugging me, popularity contest, not being weird, not being able to listen to music, pollution, and acting like someone you're not. Finding out my crush knows I have a crush on him and everybody hearing him.
Annemieke Hannah Drama. Also reading Summer Camp Secrets and playing with my dog. I hate snakes, spiders and anything else that has more than 4 legs. When I was little I went to a party in a dress without any knickers on!!!!!!
Rachael Kerris, Emma, Isla, Chloe and Kathy. Make-up,clothes and fashion. Slugs. When a boy in my class told a bunch of other boys that I was flirting with one of my best friends' boyfriend.
Nikki Emz Reading, definitely! Snakes. Whenever I looked at my crush we both went red so everyone guessed!
Mei Amber Art or telling scary stories or smoothies. Bald guys. When I got kissed.
Amber Mei Skateboarding with Joey and Chriss. Paper cuts Falling ina boy's lap.
Christine Victoria, Carla, Denisa, AND Brittany. READING, SWIMMIMG, and SHOPPING!! MY HOMEWORK and CHORES!! When I fell and cried in front of my crush!! It was the worst OMG moment EVER!
Katie Ellen and Kerrie. Shopping, pink and shoes. Spiders. In school at break time when I tripped and everyone laughed.
Lyss Jen Head bands like my bright green yellow or hot pink band. Snake worms. When I fell off my tramp when it had netting.
Avery Terria Painting, drawing, writing. Bug spray getting stuck on your arm or not working. When I farted in front of the class loudly.
Lyss Jen head bands like my bright green yellow or hot pink band. Snake worms. When I fell off my tramp when it had netting.
Eimar Emma and Niamh and Laura. Playing soccer when I'm bored. And art too!! SPIDERS are the worst!!!Also weird and really UGLY boys!! When I always say the wrong things and it bugs me especially when talking to boys!!!
Sabina Hazel My (o-so-cool) bedroom. My school music teacher (he`s a real grouchy butt. When I felt like annoying someone and I laughed in an odd way and everyone stared at me.
Chloe Verity!!!!! Rounders, hanging out, reading SCS (my fave books), my girls camp!!! Me plus my boyfriend falling out. My nickers in to my skirt at camp!!!
Iqra Kaamilah Football...hanging out with my friends and partying. Spiders, traitors. Getting stage fright.
Lucy 'The Rosebudz'!!!!! Sleepovers!:) Slugs:( When me and my best friend were little, we threw my mum's fave plant pot over my next door neighbour's garden fence and it smashed everywhere!
Jo Kimberley My cherry red electric guitar. Spiders in the bathroom (especially when i am in the shower!!). When I came off a ride and linked arms with a French man I thought was my dad. He started talking to me in French. I just ran!!
Angela Erica Design and technology, art and anything athletic. Rain and totally brocolli, fish and liver. When I tripped over and banged my head.