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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Becky Toni Footie and art and reading. Snakes Don't have one.
Malak Yasmine, Amina, Rawan, Zeina. Going shopping and hanging out with the girls. when me and the girls heve a fight. When I spilt water on the teacher in front of the whole class!!!!!!
Niamh Lorna , Sophia & Nicola Dancing, sports and mags. Spiders ewwwww... Forgetting what my friends look like when they move away and then seeing them and not knowing who they are!!!!!!
Meghan Abby I love reading Summer Camp Secrets. Shopping is awesome. And gymnastics is an amazing sport. I also totally love mags and makeovers. Spiders, annoying cousins who smell like animals, and getting in trouble. I was embarrassed when me and my friend were swimming in her pool and the 2 cutest boys walked pased and we were acting all crazy and dancing to VERY loud music!!!
Hannah Hannah, Julia, Yurie, Chen. Shopping!!!! chatting, messing around and ice-skating!!! Brussel sprouts, shouting, spiders and silence. Getting locked in the class stock cupboard for an hour.
Aoife Aine My puppies I never leave them/Writing (which Melisa J. Morgan inspired me to do and she's me hero). Snakes and spiders When I was in school one day I saw this girl who looked like Aine and she was talking and I just looked straight into her face but it wasn't Aine.
Aisling Maeve Well I like lots of things but my fave has got to be going to a party. I hate spiders. When I farted at school.
Thea Aubrey Gadgets Perfume and Powder. Walking by the street and not noticing my backless shirt slipped off.
Clodagh Ella My best friend. School When I was in the school play and had to say, "Pinnochio, Pinnochio, Where for art thou, Pinnochio!"
Laura Lucia and Rebecca Shoes People who are so annoying. When I was cycling and fell into a patch of stinging nettles.
Martina Celine Nintendo Wii Waking up early during week-ends. I once arrived school and found my locker open and inside it I had a picture of my crush.
Tayler Georgia and Charlotte Photography and swimming. Cats, rats, sports especially running. When I ran up and smacked a man's butt and I thought it was my grandad but it was a total stranger I went bright red.
Marina Maddie Having a cozy snooze in my, oh so comfortable, bed. My big Sister when she's grumpy. And bossy people. Our class was demonstrating a dance and I did a too early move in front of about 200 people!! Oops!
Leona Allissa Playing with make up and making up stories. Dogs - I totally hate them. When I was at school and this boy kissed me.
Brooke Kelsy Gymnastics. Mince. When this guy kissed me.
Sara Sophie Swimming. Being sick. Wearing my hot new mini skirt and sitting in a puddle of ketchup.
Ellie Tara Being random and making friends with Year 8's LOLZ Spiders. People who take themselves 2 seriously and are afraid 2 have fun! People who look down on me and Tara for not worring what we look like the whole time. When I was in a shop a key chain stand tippled over (as i was spinning it) and everyone watched and laughed. ARGH CRINGE.
Jenna Megan Frappachino(mango and passionfruit!), SPORTS especially swimming and tennis and golf. And shopping duh! Spiders and embarrasing moments. Was when I fell in the lake with my friend Jessica on a school field trip!
Saira Acquline Dressing up! Lions and snakes and tigers. When I tripped on a chair and fell down and there was a sudden silence and some people were kinda kind and some people started laughing.
Anna Nina PUPPIES!!!! I love them so much!! Having fun with Nina. Snakes, spiders, bugs, getting shouted at!! (Getting shouted at almost never happens!!) I went to a party once and then I was talking to my crush when suddenly my belt fell off and my pants fell off!!!