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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Ella Nicole Friends When people say 'libery' not library I was about to ask the boy I had a crush on to go to the school disco with me but when he turned around it was a boy I HATED that looked like the boy I had a crush on from the back!!!!!!!!!!
Lucy Alyx My fave thing would have to be my make up and nail varnishes also I totally love heights Insects and creepy crawlies ughhh When my friend asked my crush out for me I soooo wanted to die
Valerie Kylie Watching Youtube videos, hanging out with friends and SHOPPING Annoying and rude people I was on the train in a carriage that was completely silent then came my phone blasting to some good morning song set by my friend
Sophia Sarah, Claire, Hannan, Maddie, Arlene, Kiran, Fabi/Gaby My friends and my art Snakes, rude people and secrets being kept from me In 2nd grade I was on the swings and when I got out my pants fell down.
Jesufunke Julia and Jessica :) The colour purple and kittens :) Dogs, spiders, weeping angels, snakes, insects and annoying parents When I was kissing my boyfriend in my room and my mum walked in
Grace Mia, Grace, Emily, Kirsty, Ruby, Lily... etc Summer Camp Secrets books, chocolate, reading, sleepovers, my friends, TV, drawing Boys, bossy people When my mum, me, 2 of my aunties, my mum's friend and my mum's friends daughter went to a concert and my mums mate shouted 'Come on back row, let's get this party started!' and everyone stared at us!
Ally Anna Reading Summer Camp Secrets of course and playing football Messing up at soccer games None
Lara Clodagh Waffles and sweets and having fun Spiders and bullies and people who talk about other people behind their back When me and my best friend Clodagh were at my house camping and there were two bugs and I ran out of the tent screaming
Matilde Khandro Friends, animals, shopping Heights ???
Valerie Josephine My great grandma's lucky charm Spiders A boy saw my underwear
Najma Justin Drama and yoga, making dares with Justin (my best friend who is a boy) When my and my bbf Justin have a fight and not talk for ages None
Sophie Patrick Reading, playing facebook games/room escape games and cooking games Maths, bugs, spiders, the dark Don't have one.
Lilian Lexi Singing Spiders Being dumped during a date
Karen Akshata Guitar and my diary Milk products All the time
Praise Nsukka Faith Hanging with the guy I have a crush on though he hates me Being lied to and decieved When I fell and my mates were laughing at me
Grace Felicity Unicorns, Doctor Who and books SPIDERS AND ANNOYING SIBLINGS!! When my teacher called out my name for an award and I stood up - but it was for a different Grace! :)
Farida Romy and Nuni and Johanna and Yasmine Listening to music Bullies It was my second day at my new school, we had P.E and I was feeling kind of ill but before I made it to the bathroom I puked. Worst day ever
Christina Christina and Athina Minecraft, Skyping and singing Boys, insects and football Being asked by a geek boy in my school to the prom in front of everyone
Tolu Ella, Tammy, Ayo, Olivia and Isabelle Reading, sports and drama Roller coasters and daddy-long-legs(those things are creepy!) When my class were practising for the Harvest festival and my crush pointed at me and said "your trousers are inside out!" Good thing he still liked me after that!
Charlotte Alyssa Reading. Always cools me down - especially when stressed Snakes Got a bad mark at my exam - lower than 95 marks! Can you believe it? A smarty-brain got lower than 95 marks!!!