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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Zed Katheryn, Aasiyah. Art, crafts and make overs. Snakes and spiders When I dropped a glass of water on my sister's brand new dress.
Lauren Laura Sleepovers, friends, family fun, my dog. Skool When I said something real embarassing in front of a boy but I won't say what...
Ashling Clare, Karen, and Gemma. Playing Gaelic football (it's an Irish sport!), SHOPPING, and having a girlie day out!! Hate chunky spides that run really fast!! school and homework. When I get a bit carried away at football matches and start shouting at the players everyone turns around and looks at me!!! (CRINGE)
Nimrah Anisha Daydreaming about cute boys and my dream makeover (a.k.a my superstar look!), having fun and gossiping with my fab friends. Popular snobs, homework, teachers, VERY unpopular people (a.k.a VERY annoying and boring people) and LOADS of other things! When some people found out about my secret crush and kept teasing me and bugging me about him!
Karen Rachel and Lucy Dancing and listening to music and reading late at night. Bullies and snakes When I put my leg up into the air to kick the football I slipped and landed on my bum.
Jess Emily and Kelsey Sports and friends Pink When I was on the way back from a school trip and we broke down and me and Kelsey had to go to the loo in a field but we had both forgot how to so we asked the teacher and she did a wee in front of us.
Lila Sophie Nail polish! Having aracnaphobia. When my boyfriend moved saying bye to everyone but me.
Jo Gabriella Chilling with my dog Suki!! When people talk behind others backs. When I came of a ride in Disneyland and lost my dad, I ran up to some one that looked like my dad and linked arms with them...Problem the man started talking to me in French and loads of people laughed at me..AHHH
Shauna Karla....but I have a lot of other friends too. I like playing sports and also listening to music. Getting up early for school, and insects. When I was flirting with this guy I liked but didnt know my best friend was dating him!!!
Becky I don't have a BF. Chilling out reading Summer Camp Secrets, drinking Coke and playing The Sims. Some guys and the way Summer Camp Secrets ENDED! Uh, I cried at school, with the most popular, meanest girl sitting right next to me.
Sophie Laoise Playing Pokemon on ds with my cousins. My sister when she buggin me... When I farted in school.
Charlie Monique Fashion and ME! This guy ... Turning up in free dress for a free dress a week early :0:0:0:0
Charlotte Gabzter Gabz, my fashion, and of course... SHOPPING! Rude people who LOVE to show off. I wrote a dead romantic poem to my mega crush, but the next day a guy who was soooo ugly asked me out, of course I said no. It turns out I gave the poem to him not my crush. Talk about cringe-city!
Charlie Gaby and Joetta. Reading Summer Camp Secrets, duh! Also,my clothes, do they suit me? Spiders, school, and rude people who love to show off, soooooooo lame! I was talking to the boy that I had a crush on, and I was so scared I said I had cheesy feet!
Georgia Louise, Ashley, and Megan. Frappachinos, TV, Computers, Books, NDS, My Sister, My Mum, My Cousin, The Environment, Parties, My Funny Teacher, Puppies, NZ, and Squirrels. Slugs, Snails, Snakes, Spiders, Crocos, The Mean Boys, Coffee, Tea, Carrots, Peppermint, Spicy Stuff, Potatoes [unless they're crisps], Pollution, Icky Blood, and People Who Only Care About Themselves. In Yr 1, I accidentally kissed a guy when we were singing and doing the actions from "If You're Happy And You Know It".
Maggie Helena Singing People who are selfish and don't share things. Dunno
Kara I have loads mostly Brogan + Kirstie. Watching friends, shopping and painting my nails(: Rain, getting embarrassed in front of boys. Calling my crush my ex boyfriend's name.
Katy Katie Singing, art, chocolate, ice cream, ice skating, stardoll, boys, school. Fish, cabbage, detention, 2nd level school, having no money. When a girl in my class put me on the spot about a boy I liked.
Yankit Layching My friends, my diary, my flute, cheesecake, my ipod and that guy:) Creepy crawlies. When my friends find out who's the guy I like and make fun of him in front of me.
Summer Samantha Art Slimy things. At Star Bucks pulled emergancy chain instead of flush. Man came in saw me went out. Realized I went in boys toilets.