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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Jenna Shona Dancing, Singing and Acting. Spiders When my dad does a dance at my dance show. ARGHHHHHHH!
Germaine Sarah-Ann, Sherilyn and Stephanie Hanging out with buds at the mall, doing neo-prints and checking out cute boys. All sorts of irritating pests like insects. When I accidentally spilled my coffee over a boy I was crushing on.
Abii Andrea and Fayee Spending time with my friends. When I finish my Summer Camp Secrets books I love them so much! On our first day of school I told Fayee that I really liked a boy I'd seen not knowing he was her brother!
Kitty Saskia Horse riding, Hanging out with my friends, Doing my nails and reading the Summer Camp Secrets books. Having to play with my younger brother. When a boy at my school poured milk all over me.
Amy Jess Gymnastics and having FUN! Slugs, they totally creep me out! One time, when I was in Chicago Airport, I spilled hot chocolate ALL OVER MYSELF. I had to walk around with a massive brown patch for 3 WHOLE HOURS before we got one the plane! Double cringe!
Chloe Niamh, Grainne, Sarah, Jenny, Kayliegh, Gemma, Amie Friends! Periods! Can't think of just one I have Soooooo many!
Charlie Hannah My bffs! and ballet, swimming and Doctor Who. My brother and spiders. When I didn't have the guts to ask a guy out even though I know he totally likes me!!!!!
Jemma Joy and Lizza Soccer - I can't live without it!(like Alex), Summer Camp Secrets and my best friend Joy. Spinach, Broccoli, Insects, Eggs, Dogs. I was really thirsty after playing a game of soccer and I grabbed the first glass of water I saw. The drink was gross, all slimey and weird tasting. I finishd it off and my mom came in. She asked me where her egg nog went and I said I drank it. I then threw up right there on the deck chairs.
Katie Shannon Hanging out on a deck chair at the beach and getting a tan and reading my fave book! Doing homework! When I spilt my drink all over me at lunch at school!
Monica Joyce Eating Taco doritos with Joyce! Chilli I was opening this bag of doritos to share with Joyce when I dropped the bag and Joyce stepped on it and crushed the doritos just as a teacher walked in!
Sarah Joyce Reading girly novels like Summer Camp Secrets. Insects When I slept-walked and walked right into the wall.
Andrea Abii Drawing and reading Getting splashed in the pool. I went under water and when I came up my mascara was all down my face! The worst thing was that the boy I like was there laughing at me with his friends!
Rachel Emily, Chloe and Natalie Summer Camp Secrets Books And Hanging Round Town With My Friends. Spiders With Really Long Legs And Wasps. When I Tripped Over The Cupboard In The Classroom In Front Of Everyone In Maths.
Mahra Hessa and Dalal Reading Summer Camp Secrets at night and the early morning with a cup of hot chocolate. Spiders and Snakes. I dont have 1.
Lucy Georgia, Leah and Libby. Acting. Dancing. Performing. Forever!!!!! I cry if I see a spider!!!! When I asked this boy out in my class and he said no!!! Eeeekkkk!!!!
Shauna Sian, Lizz and Char. My favourite books including Summer Camp Secrets! Dvds, Mama Mia!, surfing the net, hanging out with my friends and especially shopping and mizz(mag) and acting. Boredom, silence and arguing. Can't remember.
Samantha Samantha Reading Summer Camp Secrets, hanging out with my BFFL Samantha (we both have the same name), going to Sam's house, and practically everything we do together. Butterflies and moths (everyone is afraid of something, big or small). When I screamed at the top of my lungs when someone informed me that there was a bug on my mum. I felt crazy and of course, embarrassed.
Megan Xue Ning Shopping, listening to music, surfing the net, books, sleeping, lazing the day away, reading magazines. People who hate me, durians, horror films, ghost stories, studying, creepy crawlies. Tripping in front of this hot guy.
Cara Katie My ipod! I dont know what I'd do without my music! Cats!!!! Ugh!! Falling UP the stairs! Whoooops!
Hollie Rachel Going shopping with my mum, and chilling with my mates. Bullies When I fell over in front of everyone at school!!