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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Jenna Choco, Candyfloss, Crippies (nicknames) Boys, animals (apart from spiders), mini skirts, cute tops! SPIDERS, OUTFITS THAT DON'T MATCH AND TOO SHORT TROUSERS! LOL Me, my best friends and 4 of my cousins were in Macdonalds and my 5 year old cousin started to scream and a load of cute boys came in. I lifted up my cousin (I'm 10 years old and i'm 5ft2 so I'm tall for my age) and as the cute boys walked passed my cousin said I love you mummy! The boys laughed and said she's crazy who'd like her!
Stef Sarah, Jordanna, Jodie Dogs, football, high school. Spiders and primary school. I went to ask a boy out I got will you go and then his friends came over and I said will you tell me the answers to page six section 11 he and his mates laughed and he said do it your self sweetie! I nearly died one I had embarresed myself something shocking and two he called me sweetie!
Ashleigh Sophie Puppy dogs and making new friends! Spiders and slimy things. When I was walking in school and my skirt fell down.
Shifra Tanzy and Dina !!!!!!!!!! Playing with my friends and learning fun stuff. My brothers, they are so annoying. Can't think of any at this very moment.
Clodagh Ella Eating, reading, and hanging out with my best friend. Bad stories! I haven't got one!
Georgia Emilia and Alice I love to dance and I love getting ready for a discos. I hate spiders and vegetables. When I forgot my lines in the school play. (I was playing one of the main parts as well!!!)
Magic-is-life I have the uk and nz um......anything with friends, food! Spiders, the dark, bullies. Well, I'm always tripping up and making mistakes, but i just laugh them off!
Amy Emily Reading books, fashion mags and shopping with my bezzies. Spiders I went to school one day wearing a fab new skirt but I tripped up in class flashing of my knickers to everyone!
Gemma Alanna!!!!! Horseriding!!!! Acting!!Reading, hanging with my friends, my gorgeous mobile phone and mango smoothies!!! Eggs, mushrooms, spiders and homework!!!! I was going out with a guy a year older then me and when I went into school the next day everyone was pointing at me and staring!!!
Zaheera Tasmiyah Pulling a prank on anyone (especially my boy cousins they are all my age). Being told I'm a girly girl (I'm a tom boy duh). Had to tell my parents I lost my phone (in a hospital).
Rouxle Michelle Watching movies with my best friend. Snakes, losing a friend. I must talk in front of the class and I forgot my words.
Tia Sophie My 3 fashion waist coats, my skinny jeans and my cute teddy. Spiders and mean people. When I tried to ask out a hot year 8 I tripped up walking to him and my trousers fell down and every one was laughing.
Eileen bffs-gejla, fashion, lipgloss, cute (their nicknames) Acting, singing, dancing and reading summer camp secrets books!!!!!!!! Spiders and other insects. I was acting during a play and during the bow time I was going to fall from the stairs of the stage oh mega-cringe!!!!!!
Jasmine Elle, Kelsey and Ayliyah Dance Football and spiders and any slimy creature. When I was pushing the door open at my friends house and it opened then I fell on the floor!!!!!!!
Jaylyn Ong Tong, Ng Seok My cute bear keychain. My toy spider (my bro's) When asked to sing in front of judges during audition.
Gabby Merryn Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream! Barbies and stuck up/show off people (Like Chelsea)! Doing a fashion show at my party and flashing my knickers, then realising my Mum was videoing us!
Paula InÚs Acting, singing...I also love to lie on the couch and read Summer Camp Secrets with a little bit of backround music:) Pigeons. When a guy in my class pulled down my pants in front of everyone.
Seher Iram - she's the best of the best!!! Shopping, bracelets, shoes, mascara, reading, animals. Dogs, boys, homework, reading a book late. When I wnt to skewl in my slippers and had to call my mum to bring my proper shoes.!!
Megan Amy Reading a book, listening to my ipod and just chillin with friends! Loud chewing gum noises and camp. When I was smaller, I picked up all thses nice stones on the beach, and asked someone I don't know if they wanted to buy one!
Shona Holly Dancing and dancing. Spiders and my big brother. I can't remember.