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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Caitlyn Clemens (my boy best friend). Having fun with Clemens. When Clemens tries flirting with me. Clemens leaned towards me and I thought he wanted to kiss me so I closed my eyes and kissed him but he actually wanted to tell me a secret!LOL
Si Hui Hui Xin, Joyce, Camille, Eunice! Furry pets(I don't have any though), tidbits, god-family, my friends with me (especially going out!) Being scolded, homework, falling out with friends and more... When I was in p6 I liked this guy, then I didn't realise he found out till the holidays!and 1 of his friends actually said something about it on someone's blog...
Jessica Elliot Reading, chocolate. Tig-peas Running to a teacher.
Shannon Becky and Ebony Talking, playing funny pranks, having a laugh! People who think they are the coolest and say things like 'don't go with them, they'll leave you out since you're not fun enough' When we stuffed some girls locker with books then Ebony realised she had stuffed it with some of her things - we got found out, obviously.
Latisha Petrina, Kelly, Gisele. Movies Animal killers. I don't have one.
Latriya Minchella, Nicolles, Perita. Chocs and movies. Irritating ppl When I fell in front of my teacher!
Christine CARLA, BRITTANY, VICTORIA and DENISA Singing, reading, dancing, and no skool! Rumours, spiders, HOMEWORK. Tripping and falling in front of A BOY I LIKE
Shelley Ashlea, Holly and Divya. Gymnastics, dancing and chocolate. Cheese and wasps! Getting into a car that looked just like ours, but wasn't!
Kelly Tayla Sport People who are self centred. When my friends brother pulled both my pants and panties down in public.
Aminah Maariyah Reading Sports. Reading something in class and went bright red.
Eilidh Loads - Jeilidh, Reilidh, Danie.P, Danie.T Reading and going mental with mates and dancing at discos. Homework, bullies and fall-outs between friends. My friend was talking to much so I said shut up! and the sub thought I said it to her!
Gari Catherine Writing stories, reading, dancing. That I like to play with dogs but I'm allergic to them. When I threw up after karate class in the hallway when my teacher went out the door!
Sarah Lauren and Chelsea EATING CHOCOLATE My brother! Falling out with friends. My 2 best friends arguing with each other. In school I went into the toilet cubicle, next thing I know this girl comes into my cubicle (my trousers were down) she shrieked and the teacher came running in, unfortunately she didn't shut the door so I was there full view in front of everyone!
Gabrielle Rebekah My books Wasps and bees Falling over a wall.
Bianca Saskia Reading, talking and shopping! :) Spiders and embarrasing moments! :$ It was school photo day and I wore my new skirt but I didnt know it was taken outside and it was a windy day, after the photo had been taken I stood up and a gust of windy blew my skirt up and shown my pants that said crazy cow and my crush was behind me and now every one calls me crazy cow :(
Adeline Victoria Acting and singing. Having flu, nothing to do and falling out with my friends. I once thought I saw Victoria, then tapped her and told her about private stuff but it turned out to be someone else!
Shinae Sarah Reading mags and painting fingernails! (Just like Natalie!) My hair in the morning. Once it had just been raining and everyone was sliding around on the varandah seeing how far they could slide. I decided to try it - just to show off- and fell flat on my bum! To make it worse, all the boys saw me and I had a big wet patch on my bum for the rest of the day!
Georgia Amy Wearing make-up and painting my nails! Spiders! I was in class and I was talking to flirting with them in front of the whole class!!!!
Olivia Keira Hanging out with freinds, reading fashion mags and having sleepovers. Secrets also known as back-stabbing. Falling over in a dancing comp.