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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Zainab Too many 2 fill this space Sports, hanging around with my m8ts, pulling pranks and teasing people. People who have been swotified and people who r boring. When I drank my from my crush's bottle by accident and every1 teased me bout it.
Isabelle Mary-Kate (m-k) and Sophie (sofa) Having sleepovers with m-k and sofa! (and jelly beans yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!) My brother because when I'm in the playground with my friends he comes up shouting issssssssssy and gives me an enormous hug and hugs all my friends too!!!! Nearly everyone apart from me and my friend have a mobile but I'm not allowed one until secondary and to make things worse the phone I get is really bad !!!!
Keturah Catherine and Meg Reading (Summer Camp Secrets is so cool). My brothers Missing the lunch bell and coming up to late to the serving hatch.
Jo'Neil Nalinee, Suzanne, Kadidra and Marie-claude. My clothes, shoes and jewelry. Pickles...eckk!! Too many too mention.
Katie Faye and Paige. Doing gymnastics. Spiders Falling in front of boys.
Maryam Fatma Reading the Twilight and Summer Camp Secrets series and going shopping. Show-offs at my school and sushi and boys asking me out. When a boy screamed that he loved me in front of every1 in the class.
Brenda Kimberley Singing Tons of homework!!! Fell down on a raining day with lots of ppl watching and I was wearing a skirt!
Marcella Grayce, Yuri, Tatiana, Jean Friends Secrets When my friend told the boy I had a crush on that I like him. His sister was there when she told him too.
Charlie Kristal, Joetta (Jo), Megan, Alicia, Heather, Chrystal Going shopping, looking at cute boys. Stuck up boys/girls, when they try to hard to be cool. I was talking to my crush trying not to say anything stupid, then my friend Megan shouted, "Hey Charlie you're finaly talking to your crush? About time!" I turned red like a rose, he smiled and went back to his mates. Then Megan said "Oh Sorry." By this time everyone was laughing.
Jordan Hollie Tang soo do (karate) and hanging with my friends. Homework and science. When I started talking thinking my fiend was there but to my suprise it was a complete stranger.
Tabz Charlie and Emma and Mia My cute mini dress. Spiders and creepii crawliiez..yuck! When I buckled front of my crush!
Shoshi Debs Sleeping. Living so far from my best friend. When ppl tell other ppl my secrets.
Emily Kay, Katy, Michelle, Lauren and Vicky. Having sleepovers, going shopping, Summer Camp Secrets Books and this website. Maths Tests, Science Tests (English is okay-ish) Annoying boys. When I started High School, I tripped on the grass and went head first into the mud. Yuk!
Noura Dana, Maryam and Mariam. Chilling with friends, listening to music and goofin around. Spiders they're way too crawly and I have a deathly fear of them. I hate explaining things but I like helping ppl.
AJ Catherine, Karli, Melissa, Johnise. American girl dolls and my books. My annoying brother, he's trying to get me off right now!! When my brother told a boy I liked him, I only had a crush!!
Pranamika Wahidah Marshmallows and Twilight....well, I'm going to read it... Snotty dumb boys that think im girly before I chase them 3 times around the school field using my skipping rope as nun-chucks! I bumped into someone in the school canteen and got curry all over my school uniform (I was able to clean up in the bathroom though)!
Maygan Jade, Georgia, Paige, Karly, Maddy, and Casey. Dancing, sports, and acting. EEK spiders, and definitely CROPSEY in book 14 of SCS poor Chelsea. Just like Priya in book 9 (you know when she gets the m&m's from the machine?).
Alison Jenna Going to camp in the summer and Twilight. The Waltons and bugs. When my teacher said who I liked in front of the whole class.
Shonagh Holly and Lisa My teddy, my hamster and my dog. Spiders I hate them. I don't have one.
Nicole Gabby Horse riding and singing. Rugby and tarantulas. I was in class and I was laughing so much I trumped.