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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Rebecca Jasmine. Dance, lounge on the beach. Dogs When my wig fell off when I was in a panto.
Amanda Rebecca, Hannah, Anna, Cady. Soccer! Duh! Plus typing! Camp Confidential series, and Alex! Bugs! Ew! Oh, and cold showers! When I fell in my class room!
Jennifer Molly, Dearbhla and Eve. Reading the Summer Camp Secrets Books. Spiders, heights and soccer. When most of my class in school figured out who I fancy.
Jennifer Molly, Dearbhla and Eve. Reading the Summer Camp Secrets Books. Spiders, heights and soccer. When most of my class in school figured out who I fancy.
Sophia Tegan Music, writing, art books. One word: mainstream. Ha ha don't have one. YET.
Brittany Billie-Jo Swimming Homework Falling in the mud.
Megan Sophie Going to the cinema, bowling and swimming and reading these books. I also like listening to music and acting and dancing. Spiders. Don't know.
Maria Gloria and Toni Singing and dancing with my bff's. All spiders. When I fell over with a bowl of cornflakes in front of a few boys.
Salasha Kavya Reading,painting,being the craziest girl (ha ha ha!!!) Getting scolded, dolls, pink color, spiders (yuck). When my friend and I were doing a skit and she pulled my pants!!!!(in camp).
Misha Eloise NINTENDO DS I start to have a boyfriend.
Ashvini Harper and Chloe-May and Bille (she's a she-BTW)and Kyle (he's a he). Hanging out at McDonalds with my BFFs (not Kyle). Spelling tests. When my shoe comes off in a line when we are going to swimming.
Anna Liliya Going to Shopping Centre. Going to town with my friends. Vegetables. Homework Fell in the mud and couldn't get back up in front of my whole class :S
Piggy Clarissa Singing, playing computer games and reading Summer Camp Secrets Books!!! My teacher n Maths When we were doing our wave I stood up at the wrong time!!!
Ayesha Zoya and Rimsha Nail polish, reading fashion mags, Hanging out with my m8s and SLEEPOVERS! School! Homework! Anything that crawls!! Sat on bird poo!
Aly Julia and Tori(kinda) When I have sleepovers with my best friends and making the A.J. show. When my friends fight. I am not sure.
Charly Amanda and Samantha Talking to my friends. Lots of stuff. When I went out with my hair a mess.
Shoshi Don't have - just have loads of close friends Devorah, Leah, Shaina. Twilight the movie n the books!! jelly bellys YUM! goin on my camp blog, talkin on msn, readin Summer Camp Secrets!!! My mobile, my ds, my ipod n music. Choosin what 2 wear (such a bother), skewl teachers, my younger sis, cliche books UGH!!!!!! Im in a choir n 1 yr I laughed in middle of my solo....CRINGE!!!!!! n in 1 of the dances my hat fell off n everyone laughed MAJOR CRINGE!!!!!!
Bella Billie Reading and writing, plus basketball! Science I dunno!
Mia Ella and Grace Hanging out with my friends! They're the best!! When someone cries!! I never know what to say! When I fainted in a year assembly, in front of everyone!! Cringe!
Vinothini Aisling Talking and reading. Spiders, studying, anything to do with work. When my whole class had to read a book and I was reading a really embarrassing book and my sub teacher read the book out aloud! Yikes.