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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Evie Isabel (is/izzy) Shoes, shopping and reading Spiders and boys. When people laugh at me.
Teri-Ann Charlotte and Ashleigh. Pink things, Cartoon Frogs, Pasta, CDs, DVDs, Gymnastics, Scarfs + Gloves, Eeyore, Heffalump, Me 2 You, Teddies, Blue Nose Friends, Twilight and ALL MY M8Ts. People who ignore me, annoying people, bees + wasps, flies... I was out with all my friends and I thought I saw someone I knew and I went up behind them and shouted BOO!! in their ear. Turns out its some random person!! Oh dear!
Ashley Miley & Chealsey Hanging out with my friends. Doing homework. When I spilled coke all over my new t-shirt!!
Christie Tatyana Playing soccer of course Pop quizzes. When I fell in the school hallway.
Soccer babe Kaitlyn Celene, Louisa and Jenna Reading SCS, parties, shopping, and, of course, soccer!!! School, getting sick, being laughed at, and, of course, BOYZ!!! When me and my friends had a competition and I needed to do the chicky dance in the library in front of the libarian and she looked at me as if I was crazy! ARRGHH!!!
Jenna Grace Shopping and Swimming. Rude and Annoying people. Falling and nearly breaking my knee at sportsday on the first race.
Mary-kate (MK) Kathryn (Kit Kat) & Isabelle (Jampot!) Nintendo Wii Spiders and embarrassing boys. When Me and my BF were at a Valentine's nite with our boyfriends when they asked us 2 do the waltz!!! Totally embarrassing! :(
Sarah Chelsea and Lauren and Megan and Branwen and Shauna and Chloe. Chocolate, friends, sleeping, dreaming, eating (if it's something I like) and being away from my parents! My Brother and blood. I dont know!!!
Isabelle Kyra Summer Camp, and also books and animals that are furry. Losing. Dipping a chocolate bar in salsa,in front of my "popular" friends.
Natalie Calista Reading books and playing computer games! Vegetables, homework and school. When I farted and everybody asked "Who farted?"
Jessica-Sarah Shannan I love going ice-skating with all of my mates. People who act all big headed. :( I was with all of my friends and I slipped and fell flat on my face in the mud. I was covered in it! Not only did all my mates laff-including the boys I was with - but I had to walk through the shopping centre to get home!!!
Caitlin Codie and Jessica My dogs they are so cute. Spiders and snakes When I fell off my bike and a bike ran over my head it really hurt!!!!!
Codie Caitlin and Jessica Have a sleepover with my best friends. Spiders and snakes When I was on my bike and I fell off and split my jeans and there was my crush in front of me.
Aidan Rachel The best think that I love is my mum and dad. I also love GOLF I HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR 2 YEARS. GREEN FOOD AND CLEANING UP MY ROOM NONE THAT I CAN THINK OF.
Bailey Tara Horses - I have a chestnut mare with a foal, who is black. I also LOVE art and reading. Oooohh, I am TOTALLY terrified of creepy sharks - Uggh. When I accidentally said "My name is Mr. Smith" in front of the WHOLE class = totally uncool!
Jordae Rashia and Onika Dancing, gossiping, socializing with friends. Bugs, scary movies, scary things. When I nearly fell on the sidewalk and the girls behind me plus my friends were laughing.
Kathryn Mary-Kate :) Mary-kate and me having huge laughs at Sea Scouts Greeks When Mary-Kate and me feel over in the classroom and feel into the P.E. box
Mary-Kate Kathryn Pancakes people Kissing boys.
Livvy Jessica Puppies and pets because they're cute xxx Skirts because they're shorts and being bossed around. Singing when people are watching.
Lily Ruby Dancing and sport and singing, shopping like Natalie. My parents are movie stars and I have lots of money. I love getting my nails done and going to beauty salons and getting my hair done. Secrets and people talking about me behind my back. When Ruby came up beside me and pulled my pants down.