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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Zahya Afra & Hajer Singing, watching TV and sleeping. Weird isn't it? Spiders, the end of the summer vacation T_T. When I fell in the corridor in front of a hundred girls...whoops !
Grace Emma and Emily Being on stage performing with my friends singing and dancing. Nature, I don't like going walking or getting muddy but even though I don't like art I still get covered in glue and paint. When I was the lion in Wizard of Oz and I wasn't ready for my bit so my friends had to make up some really bad jokes and WHEN I DID get on stage I forgot my lines. Whoops!
Emily Kate and Jane Drama e.g. dancing, singing, acting... Blackmail on younger kids. When I couldn't get the answer to a sooooooo easy question.
Jenny Annabel Shopping and singing. Spiders Don't have one.
Milley Milley Chocolate, friends, and Summer Camp Secrets books. Boys, more boys, enemies I once went to class wearing a summer top and shorts I thought it was a trip but it was wasn't!
Kyra Rachel, Rachael, Hannah, Stefanie, Sally, Marine, Jung, Victoria, Brenna, etc. Hanging out with friends, visiting friends in the summer, reading Summer Camp Secrets, travelling all over, going to summer camp, swimming When ur bff lies to u, bad grades, no more Summer Camp Secrets, not getting to see my old bff's till the summer, rumours, anything that makes me angry. Forgetting to put my name on something then the teacher reads it out loud in front of all the students, mom telling embarassing things about u to her friends who tell their daughters, and so on.
Olivia Scarlett Sleepovers, Shopping, Sports and Pizza! Spiders, Heights, Boasting, Arrogant People. When I stepped on my skirt in assembly and my girly boxers were seen by the whole school including my boyfriend!!! CRINGE!
Shakira Lucy and Adam The borrowers, reading, writing and watching Adam and his bro argue. Pettyness When I was 7 I slipped on the school hall and showed my pants to everyone at school!!!!!!
Charlotte Emma the face shaper Hanging out with my best mates especially Emma she is the one to make you cry with laughter! Spiders and ugly boys that ask me out like..... ewwwww !? Coming into the classroom and the cupboard door fell on me!
Taylor Shishii Swimming...not dunking...and hanging with shi. When ppl say I'm "too dramatic". I was walking by the populars and they looked right at me just in time to see me trip and land on my face!
Molly Maisie Chocolate, acting and definitely my adopted dolphin! Grumpy teachers and spiders! Eek! When I tried to melt a chocolate bar in the microwave and ended up nearly blowing it up. Oops!
Sarah-Jane Laura My Pink Top And My Mini Skirt. My Sisters Embarrassing Me All The Time. When My Boyfriend Kissed Another Girl But The Other Girl Was My Sister. :(
Emily Heather & Lucy Playing fun games with my mate at school and getting in a quiet place and reading my fave books and watching my fave programs on t.v. Snake (I totally hate snake). I fell in a huge puddle at school and got soaked and everyone was laughing at me.
Hannah Jessica & Lillie My zwinky Spiders, spiders and even more spiders Puking during a test at school.
Hannah Amie (Muffy) Playing sports, messing around with friends and drawing. Insects (apart from ladybirds), homework and forgetting to brush my hair! I was playing football with some boys and my BFF and the ball came towards me. But, instead of kicking it, it came staight into my chest! Everyone was laughing whilst I was groaning and holding my bruised chest!
Danni Emma Going ice skating with my sister Sarah and her boyfriend Luke, also I also luv hanging out with all of my m8s...sooo totally! Spiders, eyes of my stuff facing me in the dark, every green food apart from peas, and when you get lied to! When I was at skwl, and the cutest boy in the skwl was heading right towards me I was like "Omg hes looking at me" and said to my m8s "do I look okay ??" and he walked right into me and i was like "eak" !!!
Danielle Alex and Amy Horse Riding Spiders and Arguments. Saying something completely stupid in front of a v. cute guy at school.
Kaitlyn Jenna Girlz Boyz When I accidentally touched my crush's hands and Igot teased for weeks!
Molly Maisie Acting and reading about dolphins, they rock! People who don't use dolphin friendly tuna fishing nets, hairy spiders and Sports Day. When my two year old brother saw a man with a white beard and shouted out, "Santa!" The man turned around and it was so embarrasing!
Roshane Athena and Samaira Hockey and reading Netball and singing None at all.