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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Amaani Jordannah, Toni and Mellisa Reading! Doing ICT When I be too shy and think that people think I am weird.
Lizzy Katy and Izzy Chatting with my friends Math, social studies, my science teacher, idiots, people with too much attitude. I tapped on a shoulder someone who I thought I knew but I didn't!
Erin Zoe My Dogs, My BFFL, family Math, social studies, my science teacher, idiots, people with too much attitude. Me and Zoe were at the beach and we left our bra and underwear in the car and my dad had to go and get it for us.
Grace Georgi, Kiz, Meg, Cods! Going to the park and reading SCS! When people act way older than they really are. When I blush like when people say I am good at something or I do something wrong and people tell me I have gone red I blush even more!
Adrienne Natasha Going to parties with my friends! Mean people that don't think about anyone but themselves. Writing a love letter to a boy and the whole class and my teacher finding out and reading it!!!!!!!!!!!
Shauna (Shaunz) Liz, Elz, Imz, Emz, Charz, Molz, Caz, Raz n Shaz n all mi gr8 BFF Surfing the net, networkin stuff, DSi, TV sports and DRAMA. Silence (except when I'm sleeping) and Boredom. Dunno lol
Helen Dasle Reading and hanging out with my friends. Insects and spam emails. When I went to the hairdressers and told my mum her hair looks weird just so happens that it wasn't my mum!
Zoe Erin Reading Summer Camp Secrets, TV, Internet, My dog, and my cousins, and my family. Bullying, MATH, nosy people, people with too much attitude. I was in kindergarden and I got an award so I went to sit down. I saw every one else was still up there on the stage taking pictures so I had to run back up there with my award and get my picture taken.
Ana Becca Cherryade and cheesecake. Bullying Saying something stupid then wishing I hadn't.
Ayesha Sofia, Annisha, Anisa, Kirsty Hanging out and shopping with my best friends! SLEEPOVERS! Anything that crawls! My little sis annoying me! When I called my teacher mum!
April Sarah Sleepovers and cosco cake. Bugs My friend accidently pulled my skirt and everyone saw my pants.
Tania Kelly Sports, especially Artistic Gymnastics! Breaking up with my good friends, especially. Calling a stranger by mistake.
Holly Lola My crush, my 'my little pony' toy and ME. TV I told my secret.
Brittany Leona, Billie-Jo, Megan, Courtney and Caitlin. Hanging out with all my BFFs My teacher When a boy in my class pulled my trousers down outside.
Alexandra Georgia, Carys, Ellie, Sally and Izzy Horse Riding out in the forest with all my Bezzies!!! All types of Spiders!!! - And also Spinach uh!! Everything!!!
Cordie Seanna Football Spiders When I fell in the pool.
Mateenah Sarah & Ashleigh Shopping, shopping, shopping!! Spiders & snakes When I tripped in front of the audience in my first ballet play.
Alyssa Laura and Anthony Going with Anthony down the street! Being with my boy.f. x Reading Summer Camp Secrets books Skirts, P.E. and snakes! When my boyfriend was putting some stuff in the P.E cupboard and some one pushed me into him and we fell on top of each other and we got teased about it for ages - even the teahers found out!!
Laura Amy, Eilidh, Lauren, Nicole and Carlyn Hanging out with my fiends, going on holidays and sun bathing. Also when I get new fish! Another one is reading Summer Camp Secret books. I hate a lot of things - one of them is sleepovers, another is not getting to er read Summer Camp Secret books! My most embarrassing moment is when I fell out a boat with my crush at a summer camp!
Sisyena Cheyenne, Gracia, Yi Mei, Grace, Chloe The Twilight Saga (luv it!), Hanging out with friends, surfing the net Er...