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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Soha Jhanvi Watching movies with some yummy popcorn Studying any other language but English Getting lost in Hong Kong airport
Natalie Clarissa, Rae, Chloe, Koryn, Rachel Hm... Chocolate... games... Instagram, friends... And this book, of course! Studying (but I have to), school, mean girls (and boys!) When I opened the bathroom door with a naked dude inside and this guy who asked me to be his GF
Natalie Sarah Reading fashion magazines Spiders in the bathroom I was talking to the cutest guy in school and I made a loud burppp
Gaby Catherine Doing gymnastics Rude people When the guy I like knew that I liked him.
Taya Emily Reading, reading and more reading! Bugs I had to wear a really girly dress to school one day. Ew.
Patience Sarah Singing and netball Being the centre of attention I was on the bus and I didn't have a seat. The bus stopped and I decided to do my shoe laces so I did and the Bus started again and I fell backwards!
Xanty Divya I love dancing, doodling, Fashion mags and basketball.(And of-course my BFF) I hate when I find spiders in bathrooms! When I was doodling on my work and was caught red handed by my very smart classmate! (The doodles were weird)
Raagavi Betrice, Jessica, Aimee, Elyse, Keisha Summer Camp Secrets (obviously), my besties - shoutout to them all!, movies, TV, phone - can not live without, reading, chilling out with my mates, Whatsapp, Viber and more SNAKES, bullies Not having a phone till the end of year 6 :-X
Georgina Emma and Amy Being with my friends and playing sport! Bugs and bullies When the two fittest boys in our school were playing tennis and I jumped over the fence and fell so they saw my pants!!
Aishwarya Yuktha Watching movies Doing household work and studying When I fell down on stage on school annual day
Esther Ngoie Like playing netball on a rainy day, and soccer oh how much I love soccer Fighting and eating beetroot When your friends embarrass you in front of your boyfriend
Emma Fiona Running, high jump, long jump, sleepovers, chatting and spending quality time with my friends Clypes! Boys saw my underwear...
Nat Edlyn Reading, hanging out, swimming, Summer Camp Secrets Veggies, boys, short skirts, uniform, high heels - ugh When I had to wear a short skirt while ice skating with my friends despite being tomboyish.
Monyi Alena, Zoey, Jaimey and Evi Hanging out, swimming and shopping Spiders, jeans , bugs and I hate being chased by a boy. I was at the train station when a boy shouted that he likes me. Sooo embarrassing
Emma Bethany! My best friend (Bethany) she understands me totally and is just like my twin we are the same age we have the same hair and the same likes and dislikes. Spiders, peas, fish (only the taste) and sponges. When I called my primary school teacher Mummy!!!
Breanna Tawana and Lola Fashion, nail polish, make up, magazines, buffs, shopping Spiders, bugs, my enemies, mean boys in class When my friends told my crushes I love them
Sophie Louisa Chocolate, jokes, going to the pool with my friends, watching funny films and musicals Homework, annoying boys, people calling me mean stuff Getting kissed by my friends ex-boyfriend
Jordanne Tesni, Zayah, Amy, Crawford, etc... Reading, sleeping, eating chocolatey stuff! Homework. BORING! Falling down a really steep ladder in frount of everyone at my school.
Laura Laura K, Zoe, Ciara, Ellie, Megan Havin' fuuun! Reading, nutella, sleepovers, all-nighters, instagram, boys!!!! Especially dreamy ones, LOL!! my fam, animals, summercamp secrets - DUH! Being Irish, being happy, being excited! Exclamation marks!!! ;P having friends who really care about you. :) Music, I lurve it!!! MOVIES=MY LIFE! TV :D How I Met Your Mother, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars - Shay Mitchell! Hmmm... Lots of other things! Scorpions and escalators When my best friend from when I was small asked me out and I said yes, but broke up with him 6 days later. HE CRIED!!! D:
Chloe Anisa & Mia To do street dance and hang out with friends I hate people who go on and on about something I watched a video of myself doing street dance and I went bright red