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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Laine Darcey and Katie Computer, Wii, Kariokee, DS and iphone. Spiders and tarantulas!!!!!! When I walked up to someone on holiday because I thought I knew her and I said "Hello" to her and I got really embarrassed! (Oops!)
Jenniffa Benis, Suemaya, Kimberly, Rachel, Jamie-leigh To talk about boys and normal life with my bffl and go out and have fun together. People back biting me and beating up people if they want a fight. When I get changed in the same room as the boy in swimming and forget my bra.
Hailey Rachel, Hanna, Gabi Music Gymnastics Music class, mean teachers. Idk
Mahnoor Too many! (Actually a whole bff club with 12 other girls and 5 boys. Summer camp Secrets! (The whole collection) I hate this stuck up girl in my class, and so do my bff's. My mum telling me off, in front of my bff, and barging into this really cute boy.
Katie Holly, Amy, Alice, Stephanie, Gemma & Alex Going ice skating with my mates and sleepovers! Spiders(any insects) When I had to alter serve and tripped, landing flat on my face in front of everyone.
Brooke Natalie When people go some where cool. When people tak about you. When u have a go at some one when they haven't done nout
Mary-Kate Kathryn! The twilight series Getting insulted by peeps in my class. When Cereal and me were at dorset camp when the boys from the tent next to us kept shouting to us in the night.
Haylee Glory, Autumn,and Ashten. To play soccer and to read. To eat stove top stuffing. I also hate being sick. When I fart in front of my friends.
Maria Beth and Charlotte Talking!!! and making myself laugh especially when somebody makes me laugh in assembly I find it hard 2shutup!!;C)3 Scary movies and when i'm left out :C( When in assembly I woz supposed to answer the question I 4got the answer coz I got da giggles!!;C)3
Bella Xinay Reading books in the shade of a tree. Moths When orange juice spilled on my pants at camp.
Ilona Sarah, Kimmy, Emma, Laurie, Irene and Eilidh Summer Camp Secret books! my crush{heehee}, gossipin with my bbbbbbbbbfffffff! Tarantulas, class talks {I gt nervous}, P.E and geography. 2 many! bt all of them happened in P.E!
Isabelle Sonia and Ciara Sweets and sleepovers Boys secret friendship books When people make fun of me.
Sonia Isabelle, Honor, Robyn, Amy, Lily Chillaxing Boys + my bro My bro embarrasing moi.
Marih Katie and Madison Reading the Summer Camp Secrets books and shopping in Topshop. People who you think are your friends but than make you upset. When I was talking to my friend across the road she was at one side and I was on the other and these boys walked passed and saw us and heard our chat.
Kirsten Sophie, Alice and Fayth Singing and running Losing!!! Loving a boy that doesn't love you.
Salma Shahenda Sitting on da beach When we are sitting in a public place and one of my fam speaks on the phone out loud.
Kathryn and M-K Each other! Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn and the host:) HYS Laughing erm................ who knows...
Catherine MeiHang, JiaYun, Jessica and ShiRui Everything that is in pink (exept disgusting things) and handy. Insects! People who dont listen to me and calling me an idiot. 1) When I laugh like mad woman (I cant stop laughing), my friends excluding my crush(XD) laughed at me. 2) When one of my BFF told my crush that I like him (lucky he did not hear it).
Mary Katie Kittens, cats, my BFF, movies like Ice Princecess and High School Musical Broccoli, fights with friends. My friend who is boy told all my other friends thst I was gay, so they made me kiss that boy to prove I'm not gay!
Laoise I don't have one. Horse riding Embarrassing myself (because I do it all the time) Farting in front of my whole class.