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// 06/09/18
Roller Blade

Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Sahana Jags Karate Boasters When this really cute boy was holding my hands and asking me whether I liked front of my KARATE MASTER!!!
Payton Kelsey Beating the boys at football Spiders When I was running and slipped on ice and went flying in the air and landed on my english teacher.
Megan Emily, Ellena, Loren Chatting to my friends. Spiders When we did rounders at school and I didin't even hit the ball and everyone laughed!
Clare Caitlin and Abby Friends and zander xx Kissing zander
Laura M Amy J, Eilidh M, Lauren A, Nicole and obv.. my fish Hanging out wiv my friends, running, ice skating and watching bgt!! Talking - out loud, snakes and Cropsy!!! Em.. Forgetting my pj's at a brownie camp!!!
Jolene Amanda, Jia Xin, Martha, Pei Li Reading!(especially fiction and romance books!) Music, Fashion, Cartoon Comedies, Volleyball and roller blading My brother (duh!) my cousin (double duh) the sicko boys in my class, chinese language, homework (duh..again!) When I kept hiccupping because I laughed too hard and the most popular guy in the level tried to talk to me.
Yuma Sitara and Eun Jin Books and my cell Insects and creepy crawlies When in a presentation, I was so nervous and unprepared that I stuttered and didn't even finish my report. So be prepared!!
Ellie Tessa Drawing, Shopping, Interior Design Stuff, Going On Our Bikes. I Cant Think Of Anything Except For.... NewLook Clothes :S We were in Accsessorize and I was spinning a key chain stand and they all fell off and Tessa was laughing but we were really embarassed. We picked them up and then more fell off and the lady shook her head at us.
Ashling Sophia and Emma Horse riding, singing, shopping and reading Summer Camp Secrets. Spiders, fights with my friends and annoying people. I was up on stage singing on our schools talent show and I forgot to put my mic on and I didn't know how to put it on!! I missed most of the song.
Amanda Jane Bright coloured clothes, shoes and hair accs. Bossy people and traitors When my crush pulled me into his lap in front of the whole school.
Elesa Arghavan Sleepovers, music, Summer Camp Secrets books. Vegetables When I have to do something in front of all the people.
Sara-louise Elise Dancing, camping out. Spiders, dark, heights, deffo When I get taken out of class.
Sarah Rahma Brownies School None
Katy Hannah Having fun Being bored. Walking all the way to the teacher's desk thinking she was asking me something and she really was saying my name in the register.
Kara-Anne Taylor, Kasey, Janson! Chai tea. Central Park. My pet dog Nellie. Spiders, basketball... -Nada-
Kannie Yi Xuan Hanging out with my Girlfriends!!! Gross and Disgusting Things! When the teacher mentions my name in front of the WHOLE class or...when I am next to the boy I LIKE!!!
Amy Rachel, Becky and Meghann Dancing. I'm in grade 3 for ballet and grade 4 for modern. I do yearly shows. Snobs and bullies. Bullies are not cool. Snobs are jerks. When I came out of the girls toliet with toilet paper stuck 2 my shoe. Everyone laughed. Eek
Katie Taylor Playing soccer(football in England) Snakes When I was running and this boy came out of nowhere and poured orange juice on me and I had to walk round school all day smelling of orange juice.
Kay Afiba Shopping and hanging out with my cuz Spiders I fell in front of entire boys soccer team.
Ammelie Dione Shopping!!!! People fainting, me fainting I was shouting very loudly and then I bumped into my principal!!! She literally slaughtered me.