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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Nicola Meryn, Amelia, Lauren and Jessie. Shopping with my best friends! Creepy crawly creatures When I thought this guy was one of my friends so I said "can you wait for me?" then I found out he was a boy!! I was so embarrassed!
Yaseera Tayyibah Sweets, chocolates, roller skating. Spiders, dogs, rats, insects. When I fell in front of everyone on my roller skates and everyone laughed at me.
Kayla Taylor, Casey, Amile, and Amanda Peach ice cream!!! Insects When I tripped in front of my class.
Jenna Sarshviena & Gabrielle Books, music, drawing, all kinds of blue, cracking up good jokes. Backstabbers, bossy people, boasters, bad grades, creepy crawlies!! Ick! When I wasn't watching my steps, I tripped and landed on my face and people were laughing at me. Aargh!
Shadia Menal Sports fashion Mean people Do not have any.
Maddie Lauren My fake nails( with skulls) Sleeping Sleepwalking in public.
Lydia Charlotte, Lauren, Olivia, Lucy, Kate, Millie, Hatty, Jessie, Naomi, Tanya. Shopping, shake away (milkshake shop have the one called Jack its my favourite!!!) talking to my mates when i feel down, my dog who is the best at cuddling! make up but not over the top just a little bit of mascara and a little lip gloss goes along way!!! then the body shop and christmas and my birthday!!! I cant stand people ignoring me!!! When the school bell when off and I thought it was the fire alarm and I ran outside screaming "fire!" "fire!"
Katie Ruth Presents, friends, family and holidays. Homework, school, my little brother who is 9. I dont have one but at school I pulled my friend's skirt right down and everyone saw (she was embarrassed not me).
Sarah Salma Writing poems and stories. Stupid people. I don't remember..I don't think I was ever embarrassed! LOL
Louise Ellie and Sally Holidays, friends and presents. Spiders, falling out with my friends and homework When my x-boy friend tried to kiss me in class when the teachers were looking.
Emily Kat Talking, summer camp (why I started reading the series),and having fun!!! Getting into trouble when you relly don't want to. The day I had a big speech in front of year 7 and 8 and halfway through I started sneezing non stop and then I tripped hit my head with all of year 7 and 8 watching. Cringe!
Emma Alicia and Tessa Horses Lame jokes, Bullies Once, I hiccuped so loud everyone in a full pub stared, then I fell off my chair backwards laughing!
Georgia Lilli, Tia, Kayleigh & Fay 4 eva. My family, golf, trampolining, gymnastics, gossip, clothes, fashion, make-up. Arguing, sprouts, boring books. I was playing rounders and my skirt fell down in front of all my friends. Most embarrassing moment of my life! SERIOUSLY!!!
Kizzie Mega & Cat Having fun with bffs and water siking. Spiders and falling out with bffs Going out with a boy when he was dared.
Hannah Katie, Gabi, Emily, Caitlin, Abi, Honour and De. Reading all about the fab Lakeview Ladies. History lessons and doing chores. I went to the loo in the middle of a maths lesson and I came back with my knickers tucked into my skirt!-eer!!!!
Lucie Emma My iMac computer Eels - urgh, gross! When I got mud on my white tights and blamed my brother for it, and chasing him around - right in front of my crush!
Sonja Trisha My special crystal rock that I always sleep with. Boys. We were doing sports and I fell... right into the splits!!!!
Tan Rebecca Duh!Duh!Duh!Good old gossip. Well, the hot weather!!! Burping too loudly in a fast-food restruant and resulting, everybody stared at me. Ha ha!
Katie Emma, Katie L. and Helen Ponies and horses and I like base ball and I love playing pranks. Spiders!!! Once I was in school and I farted SO loud and everyone was looking at me and laughing. I was dead embarrassed.
Karen Kathleen and Michelle Reading, comics, Summer Camp Secrets! Water. Every kind of them. When I was at the swimming pool, I got pushed in by someone and ended up crashing into my crush! It was in the deeper waters and he had to save me. Caused a sensation for months.