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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Lizzy Katy, Izzy, Natalie, Hannah Being with family and friends Rude people None
Esie Brooke, Lydia, Dev, Eri SHOPPING!!!! CLOWNS,RATS-EW!!!MICE!! At the school fete my mum was selling photo albums and she put pics of me when I was 3 naked in the bath!!!
Sisyena Chey [cheyenne], Gracia, YM [Yi Mei], Daph [daphne], Beaver [beverly], Kim [kimberly] Twilight. Hanging out with my friends. Surfing the Internet. Light blue. Music. Sports. "Stinky" "It" "Villain" "Cream" "Jelly Bean" "JY" "BC" ppl in this world can be so mean sometimes.... It's a secret...sorry. Winks.
Ashley Claz, Madz, Eleanor, Amy, Leah, Phoebe, Annabelle, Annie, Maddy, Shivani, Ellesha! My fave thing is Chocolate and going to my friends houses for sleepovas (Imake them exciting)! I hate fish, Tomatoes and so much more! When I wrote Claz's bro's card my friend and me wrote him a letter (not just to do with birthdays) Heart heart!
Niamh Amy Giving myself make overs. I am scared of clowns, spiders, rats and mice. Walked into skool with my pants the rong way round.
Jessie Ella Connie, Jenni & Hollie Hanging out with my mates (eg. Connie, Jenni, Hollie!) BUGS!!!!!! Don't really have one!!!!!
Eve Molly and Jessica Playing sports Spiders ??????
Meg Becca & Jess Surfing, Netball, Dance, Shopping, Camping, Other sports especially watersports. People that talk about people behind there backs, dogs im really scared of them! When I was shopping with my best mate and I tried a top on and after when I got changed I put my top on inside out and was walking around with it for the rest of the day!
Lizzy Everyone My m8s Rude people None
Natalie Izzy, Katy, Lizzie, Hannah, Jana, Sarah and Jemima Dogs Football When I thought a lady was my mum so I started to talk to her!
Chanrique Shanine, Jade, Ashton, Jodie Shopping, hanging out with my friends, milkshakes, food, movies, money, ice-cream and much more. Rude people, sharks, spiders, scary movies, missing my friends when they go on holiday. Having the same jacket like the one my friend has.
Carmen Clarissa Spending time with my sister. When me and my sister fight. When my top fell off at the dancing competition while I was dancing.
Cassie Rosalie Volley ball, sand, books baby sitting, not reading, not being left alone. Me and Rosie were swimming and we were jumping and diving in the lake with bikinis on and the top of mine fell off.
Tasmin Lizzie Basketball, swimming, laughing. Brothers, cake, school I 4got 2 put on a bra.
Jemima Taya, Teegan and Cloe Singing and reading Tomatoes and the dark Being the only person going to the school disco with a dress on.
Jennelle Caitlynne Chilling out with friends (even ones that I don't like) and reading. When someone takes my things without permission. My BFF is a boy and when I go to school and open my locker, a letter drops out and my friend picks it up and reads it. It was from my BFF and it turns out that he likes me. I was so embarrassed!
Katie Alex... holly... amy... Alice... steph... gemma... and more Art.. the drums.. sweets.. hanging out with my friends.. reading.. listening to music.. sleepovers.. ice skating.. and lots more Veg.. beans(yuck).. spiders!!.. bugs Do altar serving and falling flat on my face infront of everyone!
Bonnie Lucy! Olivia! Harriet! Acting, Netball, Reading. Running I rang my best friend by accident and thought I was talking to the doctor and said really secret things.
Kelly Linda Reading books, listening to music and playing my DS lite. Doing housework, my mum angry and getting bad results for exams. Falling down on the floor and getting laugh by people.
Noura Have too many friends to choose! Taylor Lautner, Summer Camp Secrets, making new friends, pranking ppl. Spiders, ppl who cant take a joke. The guy that I had a crush on asked me about something he didn't understand in geography,I'm not good at geog but I tried to help but everything I told him was wrong!