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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Harinee LYA! Ice cream, cocolate, sweets, DANCING, yoga, painting nails, sports and taekwondo!!! insects(except butterfly),rude peoples and BULLIES! When I fart in front of my BFF!!
Brooke Cate, Jamie, Lashondra, Becca, Mollyyyy! sports and teasing people. Bullies and people who try so hard to be cool...and fail...and slagish people. And terrorists etc. When this four year old slapped me in front of everyone and I went red...disturbing.
Cate Ashly(Ashh), Briannii(Bria), Leesa (Leese), LaShondra (Shondra), Jamie(Jamie), Brooklyn (BROOKE!) Sport, shopping and flirting Spiders! ugh! When I went to nudge this guy I knew and I spilt water all over him . LOL!
Breanna Georgiiee Shoppinn, Goinn out places w/ mi friends, Readinn mags, Experimenting with make-up and experimenting with new hairstyles,Listening to musiqq, Dancing, Singing, Drama , And .. DRAWING!! Spiders, Bugs , Anything thats squirmy .. except from Snakes and Lizards. Love them. This blond dude was talkinn to mi, and I just started blushing and grinning at him and he was like 'Uhhh .. what?' And he walked off.
Yee Wei Tan Yu Reading story books. Including Summer Camp Secrets Vegetables I fell on the boy I like.
Kimberley Eunice BOOKS! nil nil
Fatima Maryam, Mary, Dima, Claudia, Michelle, Mihalina Everything! Bugs, especially cockroaches! eww !! While I was doing a dance routine with my friends on the annual show, my top fell of in front of the WHOLE audience! Seriously
Saima Amy H Chocolate People telling me what to do. I broke a ruler at school and I had to pay but i didn't ha ha !!!
Poppy Meggan and Erin and Jack Books, swimming, computer, friends, gossip, horse riding, eating, animals, hanging out, Mcdonalds, Newcastle, holidays, tv, playing pranks. Spiders, snakes, know alls, big heads, ungrateful people, bullies, people who can't take jokes. Got stage fright and cried at a school play when everyone was watching.
Rhiannon Michaela Reading books and having a laugh. Being told off for things I haven't done. Haven't had one yet.
Liberty Yasie, Fran, Katie, Sum My dsi pets, home, tv, bed, food Homework, school, brussel sprouts When I fell into a pool
Izzy Suzanne and Holly Hanging out with my friends, sleepovers, chocolate, sports (especially surfing)and animals. Bullies Peeing in my pants in first class after p.e sooooooooo embarrassing
Haya Maya Jasmine and Tena Roller blading Nuts I was sitting in a bus and the seat made a rubbery noise and everybody started looking at me I tried to let them know that I didn't do and my friends started giggling uncontrollably.
Ayesha Amber, Raeesa, Alex, Emma, Reratile(A.K.A Rere) Alia (Mantis Lite) Mila (Meillie), Jagruti (Jugz) Khatija and Aarifah! Reading, Drawing, Hanging out with friends, Making things up, shopping, and pranking my little bro, Mwa Ha Ha! Rude people! I peed in my pants in front of some C-U-T-E boys!
Aidan Rachel, Gemma, Roise and Emily Golf and golf and golf and golf and golf and golf and golf and golf and sweets, chocolate Green stuff and my sister NOT TELLING
Juehui Jenna, yunqing, louisa Soccer, ice cream, sportz, almost every food! b-o-y, boyz!!duh When I fell asleep during a lesson. It was damn boring!!!
Courtney Ebony, Abbie and Sarah Horseriding, reading, hanging out with my friends (Ebony, Abbie and Sarah) Spiders I saw this really cute boy and was wacthing him and not where I was walking I tripped over something and all my mates started to laugh at me and the boy went over to his mates and they laughed at me.
Izzy Emma Reading, sleeping, watching tv Sisters, boys (except cute ones) I was sat in a chair in year 2 and a boy I fancied said that he wanted to marry me to the whole school and all the teachers!!!!!
Rachel Julianna, Kendall, Casey, and Chloe Reading or shopping with BFFs! I hate when people tell me I can't. I cried when Edward left in New Moon.
Tomi Temi Having fun(with my friends), shopping and sleep-overs. Being embarrassed. When I'm caught creeeping out from my friends party.