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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Codie Paige Having really reallly girly sleepovers Not being with family or friends When I went to a theme park I was only 7 I was so excited that I ran across the grass and slipped and was covered in mud I had to wear my brother's jacket instead of my skirt for the rest of the day.
Rhiannon Michaela Hangin out with friends, shopping, music and DVD's. Spiders Not telling.
Emma Toni Shopping and spending time with Toni Baked beans, marmite, mushy peas, brusle sprouts ------------------------
Terri Jade and Alex Hanging out wid my best mates and reading the Summer Camp Secrets books Bears lol Not telling
Caitlin Sophie Swimming in the pool Spiders Thing in class and fell asleep.
India Emily Reading Camp Confidential (Summer Camp Secrets) series I'm on book 15 When someone pretends to be your friend then it ends up not being your friend then pretends to be your friend all over again. I can't remember.
Hannah Don't av wun mmmmmmmmm reading n nail polish um I really hate school. When I was playing dogs with my friends and this cute boy came past eek!
Caitlin Cloe, Amz (Amy) and Liv (Olivia.) Swimming in the sea! Or relaxing in the bathtub with strawberry scented bubblebath, a new book and some choccie to devour! My little sister!!!!! Just kidding!!!! Probably, speaking in front of a crowd or being wrong! When I went shopping with Mum and walked up to a woman I thought was Mum and started telling her I thought she was really mean not letting me buy pancakes!
Ellie Rachel SLEEPOVERS!!!!!!!! Spiders I'm not telling you they're a secret! lol:)
Grace Jiabi, Stacey, Yuki, Keith, WeiJie and Eugene Reading Summer Camp Secrets and Magic Tree House, Listen to Music, Studying, Piano Insects A lot
Amy Kerry and Chloe - BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!! Reading 100%! Insects - ugh! They just creep me out! I had a crush on this boy and he visited my house when I didn't know and I was sitting on the sofa watching tv in my knickers and a tight fitting top!
Lois Claire Music, books and SHOPPING!!! Insects When we were rehearsing for the Christmas play at school the tinsel tied round my waist fell down when I was walking on stage and I tripped over!
Hannah Sarena and Lucy Horses!!! Spiders {yuk} I'm not telling you!!!
Malavika Licia Having dinner at each other's house, Meeting at school Being sick so i can't go to school. When my other friend said lies to me
Corrie Devan, Heather, Simran!!!! Music, hanging out with my pals, watching tv and just having fun!!! Spiders and shallow people who think of themsevels all the time. I was only little I had to stand up and sing in a assembly and it was a solo and now when I remember it I go embarrassed!!
Amber Sophie Karate Jealousy When I say something so un-cool infront of somebody at school!
Roisin Rhiannon Singing, dancing and acting! duh! lol! When people talk about you or your friends behind their backs! It was really windy and me and my friend were just coming out of the a shop when a gust of wind blew my skirt up! And then I saw my crush looking at me laughing with his mate!
Olivia Amy and Izzy (can't chose!) Reading, dancing and singing Being ill - it sucks. In the middle of the school play when I fell off the stage.
Emily Elisa Having Parties! Spiders, and when footballs come right towards me! I was on the trampoline in just my pants, when my neighbour and her annoying older brother looked out the window and saw me!!!!!!!
Meghan Abby Shopping with my best friend at the mall and drinking strawberry and cream frappicinos. fav store is abercrombie Backstabbing girls This boy I liked talked to me at a school dance and knew my name then i requested him on myspace over and over and he declined. I sent him a message and he said he had no idea who I am and will never add me. Ouch!