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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Rachel Michelle Sleeping The boys from my class. Nil
Rachel Nicole Reading Insects I dunno
Eda Tan Marina, Louise, Charissa, Vicky and Nicole Having fun with my friends! Being teased by boys Tripped over a classmate's backpack and falling onto the floor.
Chloe Colby Reading. Wrong Spelling Itching my knickers in public!
Mary Ellen Loads Of Em! Sports and Music And dogs!(Aaawwww!!!!!!!!) People Laughing at Me I Fell In Sloppy Mud And Got It All Over My Trousers!!!!!!!!!!
Mollie Lucy Horse riding!!!and shopping!!! Wasps! When I got stung on holiday
Manda Taylor & Ellie Friends, laughing, dreaming Death and spiders, but that's IT Now, why would I tell you? No offense!
Rebecca Don't have one well cause ive got loads Shopping everything reading these books. Sly people None
Lilly Maggie and Natalie Shopping, Manicures, hanging out with my best friends and doing anything fabulous When people repeat things from movies or shows, saying it again doesn't make it funny! When I was having a sleepover with my two best friends I was sleeping in the middle and I started talking in my sleep!
Martha Natalie Elephants, pizza, friends and family Spiders When my teacher said she was an elelphant and I ran to the front of the class and hugged her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole class was there!!!!!!!
Rachel Georgie Having Sleepovers! Staying up late with movies and munchies is sooo much fun Heights! I had just got out the car at a safari park and I slipped in this huge muddy puddle and had to go around with this huge brown mark on my bottom for the rest of the day!
Mauragh Iona, Catriona and Lucia Books, friends, truth or dares at sleepover or just sleepovers My sister teasing me When me and my friends were coming back from the duck pond with my dog and our crushes were coming back from football so we ran screaming and let go of the lead and my dog ran away but not far!!!
Amy Emma Make-up and Nail Polish Spiders Eek When I was shopping with my mum, and I went up to another lady thinking it was my mum and held her hand!
Jillian Rachel Shopping Sleepovers And Football Spiders And My Brother When I Jumped On This Guy's back Because I Thought It Was My Dad !!
Kezziah Hillary, Nicole and Anna Playing with my doll with my best friends. These two boys When the boys teased me about liking this boy in front of my friends.
Bronwen Abby And Kirsty Music. Drums. Summer. Him Racist people ............................................
Kate Anelka Chillin' while reading Summer Camp Secrets! I'd love to go to summer camp (I think I could survive horrid food!) Being teased and being followed! When a boy in my class ran around saying I fancied someone.
Courtney Natalie, mia, chloe, emily, molly, louise, naomi and neave Reading books baking dancing acting hanging out with my friends talking swimming Selfish people rain spiders wasps and bees having hayfever When my mobile phone went off in school during a really big assembly.
Amy Beth Winning at my swimming competitions. Shopping with my friends Spiders Falling out of my bed on a school trip and being caught by my best friend in the middle of the night!