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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Willa Mandy Swimming Nothing When a boy kissed me in front of my boyfriend
Hannah Mia Go bowling My sister when she's annoying me When I was little I was too scared to ask the teacher if I could go to the toilet so I wet myself in the middle of class
Mel Shelby Football, Horse Riding and going out with my friends Spiders, Blood, and Being Sick On a school trip me and this boy (who I had a crush on) were running and I fell over in a puddle and ended up doing the splits and I looked like a right idiot .
Rosie Heather To DO: Read Summer Camp Secrets Books over and over again they are super:) To Watch: HSM3 it's such an awesome film!! and my fave outfit is my skinny jeans with a cute t-shirt Heights and Spiders I'm really clumsy so I get embarrassed whenever I trip over something:)
Chelsea Chloe Reading and riding my bike. Walking loads and loads and loads. When I walked into a table that my teacher was carrying! OMG How embarrassing is that.
Danielle Kate Singing dancing acting and of corse the jonas brothers Bullies I so had a crush on the new boy but the problem was every other girl in the year had as well and I told him but he already had a girlfriend I was so like jenna in 'fun and games' and his girlfriend was a friend of mine.
Penelope Shiann, Dejah, Amanda, and Jackie Playing soccer, drawing, singing, and scavenger hunts! My yellow tee -Blehhach- Going to go sit by my friends at the lunch table when my arm just flipped out and my food landed on Dejah. Gimme a boo hoo
Molly Maisie Acting; dancing; swimming; climbing; making new friends. Spiders; bullies; bugs ; ghost stories ; getting scared. Me and my little brother have a language [he's two] of silly words. I was with my two best friends and I tripped over my bike. I was OK, and I stood up and went, "Whoopsyconkers!" SO embarrassing.x
Roxelle Jenna, Louisa, Eelynn, Weishuen Blue, black, white, red, pink, gossiping, girls, shopping, sleepovers, and of course, SOCCER! It rox! Boyz When my sis told the guy I like that I like him!!!:0
Ella Rebecca CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spiders Having my ski trousers on the wrong way.
CC Fon My guitar Ketchup When my shorts were on the wrong way and I went into class like that, everyone laughed!
Charly Samantha and Amanda Talking to my best friends Spiders Not had one
Eve Molly and Jessica Playing sports Boys Don't know
Fatima Shaista Reading, swimming and shopping Annoying pests Turning up at shool with my slippers.
Georgia Tyler Shopping and Painting my nails. Spiders! erghh! My embarrassing moment was when, my crush invited me to his birthday party and I was walking over to him to say "Happy Birthday" when I tripped over a cable and fell over right in front of him.
Josie Paige, Emma, Rachel, Courtney Swimming, reading, parties and facebook Spiders, creepy crawlies and wasps, oh and some horror films When I farted in class when iI was in year 4 and everyone heard it
Anju Sammy, vive, angel, shiyini, manal, krithi, shifna Friend, books, computer, bedroom, clothes, boys, fun Rude people, gansters, maths sort of, rude teachers Everything, primary school boys looking into my bag and found pads.
Lauren Dai (a boy) Holidays with all of my family. Unloyal friends!!! When I was playing rugby with a really cute guy and the ball hit my head and I fell down and cried!!!!!!!!
Jenna Alexandra My friends! Duh! Nothing When the boy I really like said that he liked me in the school cafeteria!
Marina Don't have one! Almost everything... Snobs, egoists Stumbling over an entire sentence while talking to a guy I like. Cringe!