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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Bella Kay Laryn Kira and of course Lauren! Definitely My Black Hoodie Backstabbers Ha .I ran and Screamed When I thought I saw a spider. It was Fuzz off my Jacket.
Ciara Seana and Aoife and Niamh Singing Spiders many I can't remember! LOL!
Leah Kate Chocolate and lots of sweets Spiders they give me the creeps especially huge ones When Kate and me ran round the garden naked.
Grace Bea My guinea pig Lighting When my mum goes did you send me a postcard when I was on trip/
Amy Jolene Keychains, TV, computer, books (Summer Camp Secrets!) Annoying brats, homework, being make fun of Humming in the plane and ended up being glared by people... OMG!
Jennifer Eve, Molly and Dearbhla Reading and hanging with my buds! Spiders! eeeew! When I lost a game of badminton with my crush
Kathleen Alex Horse riding I love it so much Ghost stories Once I was leading a horse called Dandy and it was very slippy and then I just fell over then Dandy walked off with me holding on to the riens.
Hyerin Mina, Donna,2 Nicoles, Zena and Saiyuri Playing with my bff's, art and music Heights, bugs and scary stories! I went to the playgroud with my besties and I fell off the flying fox!!!
Zoe Sarah Sport with my friends which are: netball, football, hockey, gymnastics and athletics and most importantly talking Being bullied None
Emily Kylee Dance, Shopping, Manicures, Makeup, Dance, Dance, Boys, Boys My brother, Sports When I ripped a hole in my jeans and underwear on the slide in 2nd grade without knowing it!!
Ester Charlotte Reading, arts and crafts, surfing the net and talking to friends Exams, boys, exams, gross bugs, stupid pranks, exams, exams and did I mention exams? I was in the lift when it reached the second floor. I walked out, assuming it was the first floor. In the end, I had to walk the stairs and all my friends were laughing like mad!
Evie Jessica Reading Summer Camp Secrets Spiders When I fall over in sports!!
Emily Hebe and Frankie and Charlotte and Jess Giraffes Spiders how ever small they may be I was doing a production with my drama group and when I did a turn my skirt fell down!!!
Jaslyn none Reading Japanese manga, watching Japanese animes and of course reading SUMMER CAMP SECRETS! Bugs, betrayers and people who act cool... Well... It is ~too~ embarrassing to tell anyone.
Georgia jj jam (also known as jaimee!!) Reading!! Especially Summer Camp Secrets! Uuugh, when my little brother is annoying me. Me and my friends were changing for P.E at school and one one of the boys came in by accident and we were all half undressed!!
Holly Abigail Playing games, Acting and finding out loads of goosip. Eating yucky food, singing and being bullied I was in the queue with my nan and I stood before her and the lady in front went to the till and I accidentally went with her!
Nicole Peh Going shopping with my friends, gossiping, playing computer games. Pests, friends that blame me for things I did not do, promises which people make and then not fufilling them. I got into a fight with a boy and then losing to him and when my best friend push me to my crush and said that I like him (a good thing that he did not hear)
Mariee Shannon, Alicia, Sadie, Vicky, Freya Netball, diving, reading - especialy Enid Blyton, Summer Camp Secrets and Jaqueline Wilson Smelly socks, science, taking out the rubbish Hugging a man on the beach who I thought was my dad
Shermaine May, Mindy, & all the Teletabians! Baking, swimming, writing, calling up my BFs for juicy gossip and sweet talk!!! EXAMSsss! Forgot 'bout it
Marcelina Ruby, Ellie and Sola Gymnastics Spiders When I started singing before everyone else at school.