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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Abbie Jessica, Kara and Izzy Sports, sleepovers and school camp. Bullies and show offs. When I was in France some boy opened the door on me when I was in the shower.
Syafiah Aisyah My diary Doing houseworks. urgh. When I had to act as a princess who was out of breath and dying in front of my cute crush!!
Kathleen Alex and my big cus Tina Horse riding and doing anything with horses I am horse mad. Rude people When I was leading a horse called Dandy he bent down to get some grass and it was really icy and I slid over then he just started walking so he was leading me but luckily no one saw.
Annie Rebekah Horses, dogs, penguins, horseriding, gymnastics and my 2 cats Noah and Jacob. Raw Tomatoes and Tuna I was having a sleepover with my mates when one of my friends woke me up, she was laughing so I asked why and she said I'd been sleeping with my bottom in the air!!!
Eve Jessica Boys and bffs Nothing, oh henry!!! When henry kissed me in front of cool peeps!!
Caylee Caylee M Reading books Spiders and bats Too many!
Claire Brittany To play Volleyball I hate Spinach When my friend pulled down my pants at a party! (Luckily no one noticed)
Briony Beth My favourite thing is playing rugby. I also love to go and watch England play. I've played it for 8 years. The worst things that I absolutely hate are height, spiderd, sharks and the colour YELLOW, EEEEWWWWW! My most embarrassing moment is when I had a swelled lip and it went fat and disgusting. My whole class saw and it and so did my boyfriend at the time.
Tasneem Melissa Dancing Secrets When I fell off the gym bar before I even started.
Aisling Rebecca, Ciara and Kate Reading (especially Summer Camp Secrets!) Bullies, backstabbers aka mean people. I bent down in mass and got my hair caught in a button on my friend's mum's coat!
Cassie Katie and Caty Reading, hanging with my boyfriend, and reading fashion mags Any type of bug. Getting red when my boyfriend talks to me.
Emma Lisa TIGERS! animals, sports, books and maths! Deep water, white tail spiders, bees. There was a cute boy that liked me and I liked him back. I wrote a note saying how I feel about him and he showed it to all his friends!
D Emilie & Mieka Pet kittens Honey and Muffin Vomiting and Spiders My crush who doesn't know that I like him told everybody that I like him.
Sonja Jane and Sakura Candy, nature, chocolate, my dogs and books books books!!! When my younger sister goes hyper. I was doing art and my face was black from the chalk, I looked like a chimney sweeper!!!!
Rebecca Anley Dancing and singing. Animal cruelty Forgeting my words in a play.
Kayla Ladina & Hetvi Dancing, swimming, art, cooking, playing the guitar, basketball, and vollyball. The Bleep test you have to run up and down the P.E hall and you have to be at the other side when it goes BLEEP! When I walked in to class and my bag got stuck in the door handle and I couldn't get it off and my friend had to come help me... YIKES!
Angels Bethany Skulls Be called an emo Paint all over me.
Sydney Nicole Shopping, goofing off, and rating cute boys! Math, bees, and mean people! I was hanging upside down from the monkey bars when my BFF told the funniest joke. I laughed so hard I peed my pants, but because I was upside down, it got ALL over me. It was so funny!
Sarah Kate Running Dogs Don't have one
Yaseera Tayyibah Swimming, roller skating and shopping SPIDERS and SNAKES DONT HAVE