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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Sabrina Sumee Painting my nails and reading fashion mags Snakes When I fell into dog poop in front of a boy I liked
Tallulah Emma My dog Timmy Spiders When my dad called me Toots the Frog in front of my friends
Abby Carolin, Asheena, Tervania To read and cook Maths and social science When I jumped up and down then farted
Ava Ben (not my boyfriend) Playing soccer Ketchup When I sang a song, by myself, at a karaoke in Spain
Maddison Grace, Evan, Holly and Jessie Reading, doing my hair, giggling about weird things with my besties, listening to music, singing and of course these books People pretending to be things they are not, spiders, non-Harry-Potter-fans, bullies and just CLOWNS. I absolutely hate clowns. EWWWWWWWW! When I was with my mum in a shopping centre and I fell into the foutuin after being pushed by this really tall man trying to sit on me and splashing my crush as well as grabbing onto him and pulling him into the water with me. But a good thing came out of it and he asked me out so YYYAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!
Sade Indiana, Tarona, Harvey, Deane, Luis, Lamar Candy floss, magazines and tigers!! When people tell other people your secrets When my teacher picked me to answer a really hard maths question and I got it wrong and my class all laughed at me
Dorcas Ebelle Smiling War I don't know...
Tobi Savena Nature, sports I hate fashion, I hate cats When I was in the US, one of my friends invited me to a party - I didn't know that my parents were there, I felt so embarrassed
Bina Sophie and Gardner Dancing, reading, pie, rutabagas, swimming, being funny with Sophie, and playing guitar with Gardner Ants, tomatoes, mosquitoes and mean girls When I farted in history class (in front of my crush)!
Ramceey Sarah Eating icecream and going to the movies Spiders and cockroches When my mom asked my boyfriend for dinner and totally embarrassed me
Becca Cody (aka Ginger) Hanging our with all my friends from church at the lake People acusing me of something I'm not Belly-flopping into a pool with a bunch of cute guys watching
Sherry Hannah Hangin' out with my awesome friends, talking, and laughing (I laugh a lot) Being forced to do stuff, and mosquitoes... They drive me crazy!!! I spilled juice in a 5 star hotel when I was small... Still embarassing though...
Lillie Elle, Katie, Abbie One Direction, 5 seconds of summer, Skittles and my mates. Taylor Swift and school When Katie drew a mustache on Zayn on my 1d bag and everyone was like "let us see" and "omg"
Dayna Tayla My violin My older brother when I fell in the pool before the pool party started
Jacey Hannah, Lucia, Maddie, Grace, Lydia, Yazzie Summer Camp Secrets, fashion, 1d, pop music, latest gossip, celebrities, my bffs Attention seekers, boasters When I was in yr1 and I sat down on a bench near a bush and my hair rubbed against it and I got bird poo in my hair and some of the mean people in my class laughed their heads off.
Irah Mirah Shopping!! And I also love cotton candy frappe and of course music Betrayers and attention seekers When I bumped into my crush and stuttered
Nikita Jenita Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girls, ice creams Rude and mean girls, rumours about myself and spiders None
Grace Felicity & Lizzy Unicorns & Matt Smith Spiders, snobs & ANNOYING SIBLINGS!! (Yes Lily im talking to you!) I was walking with my friends and it was snowing. I was too busy having fun that I slipped on ice, in front of my crush!!
Jewel Libby I love shopping for clothes toys or food When it rains Can't tell
Ria Anoushka Chocolates, books (especially this one!), TV, and the internet :) All insects, mean girls, when people open my room door without knocking, using my things without permission and people who say "What's up?" (I mean... don't they know it's the sky ;) !!) When I called my teacher "Mom"