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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Denise Rosemary & Aoibhin Ice skating, ballet,irish dancing Cauliflower (the vegetable) Dont really have one
Ashleigh Imogen Pancakes with sugar, YUMMMMMM! Friends who talk about you behind your back and friends who aren't really friends! When I went to school with my skirt tucked into my pants!!!!!!!!CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!
Samantha Alexandria Reading all the Camp Confidential/Summer Camp Secrets books!!!! Not having a cellphone!!!! it sux!!!! When I ran to hug my friend but she moved and I jumped on a guy!!!
Andrea Jeanette Cute boys that are so hot (just kidding) the latest fashion bugs!YUCKY! When I was at macdonalds with my friends and I slipped in front of a total hottie!
Jamie Katie Acting or Singing Bugs We were playing volleyball in PE and I just couldn't serve it, after I tried to serve and failed the cute boy next to me said Beautiful!
Chanbormey Nell My pink laptop! When my friends break up with me When my mum forced me into wearing a red barbie top with a red skirt with a teddy bear on it to school on jeans day! Everyone was laughing! Cringe!
Rainie Wendie Chocolates, Ice Cream, Bubblegum, my cellphone, my friends, purple stuff, glitter, sequins, facebook, rainbows, summer camp secrets books!:) Creepy crawlies, bimbos, noisy/crowded places Confidential - sorry!
Tasha Nasha, siti n Anggun Sports n I love reading the Summer Camp Secrets series Lizards Spilling soup on myself while trying to walk to my table at recess
Ashleigh Imogen My certificates for acting and singing - and my microphone! Friends that keep secrets and talk about you behind your back! When my friends asked a boy out for me that they thought I liked but I didn't and he said "Yes" and I had to explain everything to him! Including the fact I actually liked someone else! Cringe!
Rachel Samantha Track and Basketball Mean Girly Girls When I was talking when I was supposed to be playing a basketball game and my teamates yelled at me.
Rea Bijal Listening to musi and reading! Eating broccoli! When my bogey came out!
Kirsty Nadine Having makeovers with Nadine Hockey I do not have 1.
DTSH Therese Creamy(My soft toy bear) Vegetables(except broccoli,corn,carrot and peas) I have no embarrassing moment.
Jessiella Jenni, Connie and Hollie CHOCOLATE bein a monkey in da school play with my enemy:( bein a monkey in my school play in front of EVERY ONE
Kristin Niamh My silk leopard print scarf. Spiders At a my best friends sleepover when she accidently told everyone in a game of truth or dare who I was having a major crush on!!
Molly Maria Chocolate! Summer Camp Secrets books (they are SO FAB xx), my friends, dolphins, Drama, dancing. Bullies, spiders, candyfloss. When I ate wax off a cake because I thought it was icing! I spat it all out.
Shekinah Mikki, Eizel, Khristine, Ami Digicam, iPod, Laptop and Cellphone Insects When my teacher caught me talking to my seatmate.
Charly Samantha Reading Summer Camp Secrets Spiders When a bird pooed on my head.
Hannah Cara and Mirran Golf and swimming Brussel sprouts, spiders When I slipped off an electric heater and made a dent in it.
Nicole Hui Wen Sports - especially swimming! Boring science projects! When my friend found out my secrets and told everyone!!!