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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Charlotte Beatriz Sweeties, mags, gossip and music of course HOMEWORK AND MATHS!!!!!!!! When my brother got afraid on a safari and started crying and hid under the seat and then everyone looked at ME!
Laura Megan Swimming Spiders When I got my line wrong in the school play
Autumn Aatheka and Sophia My friends and family Bugs, mean and horrible people When I found out that one of my enemies had got the same top as me. (TWICE) One of the times I was wearing the top!MAJOR CRINGE!
Sarah Nicole Fig strips,magazines,books and fresh sushis, like Nat! Bugs, like Jessie! Forgeting to bring my underwear to the bathroom 1 floor below me and I had to get disposable underwear from my friend!
Chelsea Chloe Reading, chilling out at the park and listening to all the latest gossip. Boys..ugh, Chocolate milkshake..ewwww and maybe SCHOOL!!! When we were in Spain I fell in the pool and my nan jumped in to get me. EMBARRASSING OR NOT!!!
Katie Lorna Books: The twilight saga; Music: Paramore, Evanescence My brother, Team Jacob, and chocolate liquers A cute boy took his shirt off in the playing field one day, complaining he was hot, and I murmurred 'Yes you are...' he then turned around and looked at me like I was a cat.
Hannah Rebecca and Tilly Having sleepovers with Bec and Tilly Spiders and this gross boy in my class eeeww... I dont have a really embarrassing one but heaps of little ones!
Beth Gemma Ice-skating, reading, music (Fall out boy - thanks for the memories - fave song) Walking to school and going to school and everything about school except my friends Lol And also stuck-up people and bullies I was about to get in a car that I thought was someone I knew and realised it was a complete stranger.
Min-Ji Sarah Reading Being bugged by my brother Farted in homeroom
Sophie Rebecca, Ashleigh and Kirstin Long weekends Cold places Farting when loads of people heard me
Sam Emily and Luke CHOCOLATE!!! Spiders!!! When I was blowing out my birthday cake candles and my hair caught fire!!!
Lee Vanessa, Yan han Eating and reading Copycats When I fainted in class
Sarah Min-Ji and Annie and Ha-Jin Having sleepovers, partying, playing truth or dare Mosquitoes When I fainted at a presentation
Sonja Jane, Sakura and Alison Ballet, books, boys and candy Eggplant, especially cooked ones When one of the popular boys friend told me that the popular boy liked me
Harry Emily Sports and football and floyd Henry Kissing my cousin in front of every one!!!!
Katy Steph nd Bex! Reading and eating chocolate. Mushrooms! yuck! I can't think of one though there has been loads!
Molly Lauren swimmin' & Art! Stew & Math Gosh there's too many!
Courtney Helena ME!!!!!!! other than me, is, I mean where else would I get to make fires every thurz? I DETEST(!!!!) spiders, they are definitely eeeuch!!! My most embarrassing moment was when I was at the pool with my m8 and was standing under a fountain, and my tankenee top fell down! (embarrasing!)
Co.Je.Lo Helena Southern fried chicken and ice scating SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!! (I mean come on who actually likes them) I was at school and this person started laughing at me, MY SKIRT WAS TUCKED INTO MY KNICKERS
Sally Molly Dancing I absoulutely love to dance like Valerie and I'm into drama like Grace and Brynn plus I like sports and singing. Spiders, show-offs, attention seekers. When I had to sing in a church!!!!