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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Charlie Chloe!! Parties, make-up and boys! My verry annoying little bro When my secret got out at school! cringe
Nyka Sabrina Hanging out with my best pal. Holidays! I hate doing nothing (there's nothing to do at home) and being separated from my best friend. When a boy in school walks me home, he even begs me to let him in my house!
Elli Tamar, Tal & Mika Drawing, writing & reading, of course! Singing & dancing When my friend took off my pants in front of everybody, and then said it was a joke.
Srinandini Raina Books, junk food, electronics, music, dance, parties, romance, friends and guys Pain, liars, self-obssessd people, clingy people When I was abroad n I wanted 2 use the washroom on a train, I opened the door of the bathroom n der was dis guy inside!!
Rica Emma Sketching, typing letters Spiders, bullies I wetted my bed!
Jennifer Isabella Hanging out with my mates, shopping , swimming and dance so much Science, spiders, rats just anything like scary animals Well I had loads but the worst 1 is when I was in school and I ran into a door and fell on the floor
Kayla Alexandra and Giannai Playing with my friends, reading Camp Lakeview books and running People making fun of me. When I hugged this boy for a dare and he told everyone and now they always make fun of me.
Chloe Yashvi Acting, singing, dancing, sports, and reading the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter and of course SUMMER CAMP SECRETS. Snakes and spiders When I was climbing on walls at school and once I fell in the mud, everyone laughed and I looked like such an idiot!!!!!!!
Megan Jasmin,Summer and Stephanie Gossiping with friends while eating my fave sour gummy worms! Being grounded it sucks! I was at concert, dancing. And my pants were a bit loose and fell down in front of everyone!Luckily I had a leotard on!!!
Holly Clodagh, Anna and Chloe Reading and pets and pranking Bullies When I was caught in the bathroom on the toilet by my friends
Olivia Dayna Hanging with friends, going on school camps, sports and sushi Watching my big bro play cricket for six hours I was swinging on a branch of a tree at my school and the tree was small and the whole tree fell over and my class saw it.
Fehintolu Natasha Gossiping about school life School dinners. In yr 4 my major crush... well just too embarrassing
Siobhan Casey Make-Up and Chocolate Spiders and Rats *Shudder* When my skirt flew up on this really windy day and my crush saw my knickers
Shaina Bea Reading pocket books, surfing the net Bunch of homework When I am removed in the top 5
Kelly Mackenzie POTATOES! and Camp Confidential That "camp confidential" has 2 names! wowza! last night....I can't say...
Sarah Jenna Hmmm..anything Artistic, really. I LOVE pottery, and much more art-sy things like Alyssa! Snoby girls, conflict in my group of friends, when I think I`m right and I`m really not. When I was going down a wet hill on the school playground and I started sliding down on my backside!
Marina Daniela Reading, goofing around, listening to music Any kind of insect plus spiders, being late When I wanted to talk to a guy I was crushing on and had no idea what to say, and was just standing there trying to think of something so that I didn't look like a fool!
Aida Kiya Having fun with my friendz, chillin, reading Summer Camp Secrets, gettin pampered, dancing, singing and acting. SPIDERS, RATZ AND PEOPLE COPYING MEEEEEEE!!!! When my friend was screaming in the cinema coz she thought that she saw a rat . LOL!
Valerie Mindy Hmm...lipgloss? People who try to steal my BFFs!! When I farted really loud when stretching in dance class...
Tricia Kacy Playing Eating rice I fell down