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// 06/09/18
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Roller Blade

Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Georgia Shannon Rollerblading Being told to tidy my room when it is already tidy! My sister pulling my trousers down on a park with people there!!!:o
Tamara Vianney Music Liars When someone else played a prank and blamed me I got beaten up by my mom in front off my friends
Grace Dani clothes!!! and chocolate that's tough to choose... Anything gross. Not including spiders. When I slipped in the mud. I looked sooooo disgusting.
Yaseera Tayyibah Sweets, sports, mags, books, movies and the Twilight series Insects and backstabbers When I fell down in school into a puddle of mud in front of my crush.
Amy Simran , Shenaie, Karese and Chloe Swimming, dancing, gossiping and reading Summer Camp Secrets books! Spiders, rats, snakes When i was in year 4 my teacher had pet rats my teacher gave one to me and it went down my chest and the whole class seen it!
Ella Jessica Going to the mall with Jessica, reading, and SWIMMING!! When I freak out in front of a hot guy When my secret crush asked me out when I was sick in my stomach and I threw up ALL OVER HIM!!
Lizzy Katy, Izzy, Natalie Reading, chatting Snakes, bullying None
Skye Kiann Rock climbing, sports and reading, also I love animals!!! I REALLY, REALLY hate slugs!! I was making cookies and I burned the hole batch of a dozen cookies. (Smoke everywhere.)
Ashley Emily To party...spotting cute guys ...lipgloss Getting picked on by cousins Getting snapped by mom in front of your crush.
Twiley Twittzzz Fatima Shopping, mani & Pedi, fashion, make-up. Cats Got tongue tied in front of this really cute, cool handsome guy!!! 7 he noticed!
Ali Jamie Acting!!! (I am going to be a famous actress) Seeing Miley Cyrus + Nick Jonas together I dont think I've had one yet
Freya Millie Horseriding Maths When I fell off the pony I was riding in front of loads of people - three times in a row!
Elliee LucyM, LucyB, Amy, Holly, Alex, Amber, Luke, Dion, Megan, Gwen. My dog Suki, My hamster Elvis, My laptop, FACEBOOK! & Bebo. Ghosts & tarantulas! Ran into a bench in P.E!
Katie louise and laura Kayaking and Swimming My brother forgeting my lines in my school play
Annie Rebekah My cats and horseriding raw tomatoes eww I fell asleep in front of my friends with my bum in the air!!
Jessie Dania, Lizzie and Leana my phone or ipod. Arabic When I was changing and I boy walked in, I was in my undies!!!
Melissa Sanam Reading, Dancing (especially ballet and hip-hop), ice-cream, friends, family, my teddy bear Strawberry, writing stories and writing poems. People who talk or laugh loudly to get attention, liars, rumour spreaders, Parktown Prawns! *shiver* My one friend told this guy that I really really like (since I was 11) and he did't say that he liked me back.
Megan Robyn + Alannah Reading Summer Camps Secrets, dancing and playing with my friends Spiders ummm...not sure
Clara Jenny Horse riding, Netball, Gymnastics Bugs, spiders When I wet my pants in nursery school
Freya Martina and Phoebe Drama, singing, dancing, sports, art, relaxing, reading, hanging out with friends and boy friends Teachers, bullies, bugs (but I do like ladybirds and butterflies) spiders, getting told off, not allowed to do some thing fun. Me and my boyfriend were about to kiss on friday my friend did not let me kiss him when I tried I ended up pulling him down and him landing in doggyy dodo