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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Melissa Emma, Ellen playin football and basketball and eatin chocolate people who pick their noses when i fell off the back of my chair at school and i had a skirt on and my crush saw my underwear
Eve Emily sports spiders no
Hannah Natalie, Tori, Priya, Alyssa Horseriding my eight hens and cockerel spiders and falling off my bike. getting lost in the bushes on holiday in Scotland
Rachel Anila My fave thing is being a member of my own club. The thing i hate is boys spying on me and my friends. When i tripped over my little sisters toys.
Nicole Tasha Pasta and sandwiches, sarsi and F&N Cherry, Books and my pencilcase Suck-ups, and teachers who have favourites. When I farted really loud during assembly when I was 5
Emily Simran chocolate and friends brussel sprouts getting my trouser leg stuck in the escalator!!!!
Lauren alanya, kiera, olivia dressing up , putting mums shoes on, and make up. snakes, spiders A boy i hate kissing me on the cheek in front of my friends.
Jessica phoebe and isobel reading cleaning my teeth after i see a boy and he says hi, my mum teases me in front of my friends. It's embarrassing
Jodi-Ann Shanica Movies, Reading Books, Magazines, Writing poems/stories snakes, obnoxious guys I fell in front of crush yesterday! he thought i was stupid.
Liz Ladina, Hetvi, Kayla Gossiping, Having fun with friends ??????????????? ?????????????????????
Marriya Miranda Dancing, acting, singing, and art. Bullies When I stood on a chair and said, "ketchup please" when I was 5
Kim Maia boys, mall, game and more being at home in the summer I was talking to this boy i like and we was walkin and i ran into the wall.
Rain Saul shopping and listening to wicked music. Also Welsh people people who stare at you when you look really tired and forget to put make up on when i was snogging the hottest guy in yr 11 his mate came over and pulled his jeans down.
Anna Sophia, Shelby, Hannah, Robyn, Lindsay, and Paigey The Beatles Secrets and rumors When i farted in class and everyone knew it was me!
Phoebe Eleanor Singing and auditioning for plays Spiders I went swimming and by bikini top fell off!
Sophie Sarah Being creative! Being judged from appearance, and being restricted from being who you can or want to be! Figuring out my skirt was WAY too short in a fashion parade in front of the whole school... *blush*
Shauna Elea, mollie, phoebe, georgia and liz My mobile annoying things ummmm.......
Kezziah Hillary My American Girl doll, Chrissa Seeing or hearing really bloody things. They give me nightmares! I don't have one yet!
Laura Amy, Nicole and Eilidh Simon Cowell, Summer Camp Secrets, The X Factor, Olly Murs, Ma Friends, ice scating and Gymnastics of course! Piers Morgan, spiders and Silent Witness! Emm... Wen I forgot ma pj's for ma brownie camp!
Jade Kerrie Pranks Insects When I got a B!