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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Mahnoor maariya reading and swimming my annoying brother When my friend came round and I got angry at her
Francesca jennifer & carissa dancing, acting, gossiping, shooping, latest fashion spiders, bullies, jealus people, and liars! running off a stage and crashing into a wall on LIVE tv!
Grace Mia Playing Pranks and acting Stuck up show offs When I almost forgot my lines in the school play
Emma Emily, Heather and Lucy Shopping obviously! Spiders! eeew When My Crush was walking past then i fell in the bin embarrassing
MarieClaire chamoniix singing, shopping and nail polish snakes, spiders, sharks and when my sister sleep walks when i went to hug one of my friends from behind and found out it was the wrong person!!
Sabrina Marissa Hanging out with best friends Bugs Being late on my first day of school
Ellie Bella Shopping with Bella at Hollister, Abercrombie, Jack Wills and Superdry Spiders! They are so creepy Spilling coke over this really cute boy in Costa!
Chloe Chanel studded belts lol Needles!!! when i was staying at my auntie's house,i once strutted back in with a random friend i met whilst i was away shouting "right im back. NOW GIMME SOMETHING TO EAT!!!" lol i got chased out by a woman in her pyjamas!!!
Emily Gugu A day swimming and joking with my friends - total daddas girl My brother When i get all dorkey when i'm talking to the boy i like thats already has a girl friend
Megan Alice Hanging with my mates and playing netball When my BFF hangs out with her boyfriend who I hate like hell We were playing IT at school and somebody got me and I slipped over in the mud and I didnt have anything to change into so I had to stay in a muddy skirt all day!!!!
Phoebe Sasha Surfing in the sea Doing my chores Wetting myself at a birthday party and the cute boy I have a crush on being there
Nia april and becky reading and having fun with my friends bugs and homework i have so many !
Nadine Charmaine Horses, reading, scrapbooking, sending letters to my pen-pal People who are downright mean. Bullies. Tomatoes. Others as well. Never really had an embarrassing moment. Don't want to ever be embarrassed.
Sinead gavin playing soccer with my friends cheese and butter yuck! falling in a big mucky puddle while playing soccer
Jodie Kayliegh, Hollie and Eve hanging out at my apartment eating pizza or watching movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fighting and shopping 4 groceries When someone poured juice over my head in front of the head
Ellie-Mae Victoria reading, shopping and writing stories spiders, working, maths I once called my teacher mum.
Lauren Kiera going on holiday and dressing up, haveing sleep overs then reading summer camp secretesxxx heights when i burped in class and a got sent out
Lexi Molly and Olivia shopping, acting and dancing spiders and wasps! When I hiccuped in class and it sounded like a burp!!!!!!!!!!!
Ginnie Jorie, Ying Xi and Sherlyn Hanging out with my best friends and telling each other secerts that we could never ever tell anyone else. Icky insects (that's why I call them icky.) When my crush talked to me and I totally messed up the conversation.
Sophie Annie Swimming brussel sprouts when i nearly fell in the toilet at school