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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Clara Jenny horse riding football when I spilt my hot choclate over myself in a restaurant
Katelyn Catie to cook, play tennis, draw and hanging out with friends tornadoes when i messed up on the piano in 4th grade
Ashley Jessica Chocolate, laughing, netball, chatting and playing games. Sweaty boys, history, cheese, jessica's crush and boy games. When i was in year 3 i laughed too much and a drop of pee went on my undies.
Sarah Sabrina Using my laptop for anything and everything and reading thick books or books which are to my liking There is nothing I hate. When a boy walks me home and begs me to let him in my house.
Imi Alice Horses, reading Bullies telling a lie and getting found out! I wanted to die!!
Ellie Rose Shopping, dancing and of course having a facial darling. Home work and spiders When my friend got the wrong side of the story and told my boyfriend I hade to dump him.
Georgia Shannon Playing with my BF, reading, swimming, writing stories, running. BUGS!They're disgusting(ladybirds and butterfless are alrightish though) When I have my direrea really loudly(it's DISGUSTING)!!!!!!!!
Cazzy Mill Reading Summer Camp Secrets Singing on my own in front of people Don't have one
Georgia Ariadne CHOCOLATE! i mean who doesn't love chocolate? fire, and fireworks, and november the 5th i'm really pathetic! MY WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY!!! duh?
Dana haleemah and habiban my new dress....(for my birthday) when a guy likes me but i dont and it gets on your nerves (i have 3 now) but one is kinda cute.... lolz When a guy spreaded round the whole school that i go out with this boy who's Kinda cute
Denise All the girls in my class. (Theres only ten of them) Ice skating, Irish dancing, Ballet, Singing and shopping Spiders When I had to go up to the white bord and do a sum but my skirt got stuck in my chair and I couldnt get it out!!!
Charlotte Abbie music, swimming, reading n dancing! When my dad embarrasses me I have lots!
Aisling Hollie, Aimee, Grace, Katie and Amy Going on holiday, and of course, SHOPPING!!! People keeping secrets from me. Grrrr! In year 3 when i was learning about Romans, i stood up in front of the class to talk about roman toilets and wet myself!! Cringe!
Megan Megan B, Danielle And Chloe Dancing and Singing and Drama Brocolli and loads more None
Devina Alana singing dancing and art Bugs Nothing
Adeela aisha and haleema Dressing up crashing into my parents when i'm with my friends and my parents start telling me what i've got to do when i get home When I try to act cool and end up in tears with everyone laughing at me
Charmian Jia Going for netball practices Spiders, snakes, you name it! When I was walking to my friend at the swimming pool and accidentally fell into the water.
Orla Niamh Mags, playing netball, watching TV and hanging with my BFF!!! Spiders When I spilt lemonade all over my Irish dancing dress at a festival with my friends staring at me!!!
Kaylyn Destiny Me when people are mean for no reason When my friend and I were sitting right in front of my former crush and she said that she couldn't believe that I used to like him and he heard her.
Hannah Harriet, Imogen, Abbie and Amber art, reading, shopping and theme parks! most sports, mean people and meat When I was saving a seat for my friend in the cafeteria at school and she came but I didn't realise it was her so I wouldn't let her sit down and a bunch of year 11's were laughing at me