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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Molly Jess and Boo Swimming, and having a good hart 2 hart talk with my bffs talking out loud, boys dunno
Heather Bethany, Ruta, Faye and Nea Riding horses/ponies. I also loved writing a story set in a fantasy world at school. Reading the 'Summer Camp Secrets' books. Going to school, having the register taken and neither Bethany, Nea, Ruta or Faye answering "Yes" (Which means they're not in.) Boo Hoo!!! When I wet myself at my Granny and Grandad's house, and instead of going to the toilet, I went and stood on the landing to tell Mum, who called me a fool!
Sana Joanne, Sara, Charmaine, Rana, Aditi & Sarah Make-up, mags and good old gossip Spiders-YUCK! When I was doing a split during PE and my pants ripped..Yikes
Georgia Chloe and Sophie Riding ponies, Grooming ponies, Being around ponies, Drawing, Being arty, Acting, Drama, Singing, Being outside Butter, Margerine, Eggs, Bossy people, Being cooped up inside when its raining, Salad Me and my boyfriend were the only ones in the ICT suite because everyone else was in the library when they came back they spread a rumour that i kissed Harry in the ICT room! Crikey!!!!!!
Eve Luis Luis, and reading Summer Camp Secrets!! um, nothing really!! when a boy was gonna kiss me but i thought he was hugging me!!!!
Yasmin Alexis gymnastics and gossiping with my friends. Mostly on the phone or texting and climbing trees BUGS !!!!! When I cried in front of my whole 6th grade class
Phoebe Sasha midnight feasts and animals animal cruelty Running down the street in my pyjamas to catch my dog
Jessica phoebe and isobel i like riding, gymnastics and Summer Camp Secrets, I also like school. swimming lessons, my teacher is not very nice. I hate saying things in front of people so when i had to go up and explain what it would be like to be a tramp I couldnt speak, it was horrible so I got to sit down.
Zenn Si Ying Singing Super-annoying people who call me a tomboy When my biggest secret got out in my class (my girl classmates leaked them out!) and everyone was talking about it
Jessie Grace,Lauren,Roisin and Aoife Horseriding and animals especially horses Scary stories When I was young I couldnt put tack on horses! EEK!
BB Maddy Swimming, Dancing and Making my frieds smile + also helping people! Spiders, the game dares and school!! I was walking back to the car with my best friend and there was a rope to step over and i did'nt see it and I went flying and landed on my face!
Hannah Megan Horse Riding. My Hens and Cockerel being sick and cutting myself Getting my First padded Bra
Lauren alanya (lanya) kiera(key) oliva(liv) playing fake fights with lanya key liv getting pranked by the girls:( when i was in the school play we sang and i carreid on singing ! but it was a PRACTICE thank goodness
Elizabeth Leah and Ellie Reading sports art bullying none
Chloe Bethan dogs - they're, like, soo sweet! beetles, urrgh when in class there was a beetle on my book, i flung the book in the air, screamed, and ran to the back of the class! everyone was laughing, urrgh!
Holly Hollie designing and makeing clothes brussel sprouts and insects when i couldn't find my glasses, but i was already wearing them. doh!!
Nicole Alexandra Julia and Katherine Swimming Mean girls peeing my pants in front of my best friends
Bella Tia, Rachel, Shay, Sherkeila, Derya, Chelsea, Shihan Dancing with my friends spiders, snakes When a person found out a secret about me
Sinead Jordan playing loads of sports playing girlie games when i was swimming i kissed my ex bf by accident
Katherine Samantha Goofing around with Noah, Jonah, or Sam. Spiders, Connor, Hoyoung, Nowel That one time my foot feel asleep, and I kept falling, but my crush caught me! And we just kinda, stayed there.