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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Louise Catherine and Janina Reading, chocolate, playing with mates, playing badminton and cats. Gross food, spiders, and lots more stuff! In primary school my line was going out the hall and i was supposed to be leading but i was daydreaming and the head teacher kept saying "louise, louise" and everyone was staring at me! it was soooo embarrassing!
Robyn Macy, Hermione and Georgie Chocolate, singing, acting! People who showoff just to annoy you!! I was With my friends and my Boyfriend came up and said did you get my text it said i love you so much and then my teacher was right behind up listening!! YIKES! we never said anything like that in school again!
Valerie Laura Collecting keychains! Vegetables dunno
Tara Fiona and Amy shopping, going to the movies, hanging out with friends. stuck up show offs I fell down the stairs at my own slumber party!!and all my friends laughed because my skirt came over my head.
Ellie Phoebe Talking to my best friend Being left out of something Burping in class
Hope Amelia Cookies and good times Cabbage and Maths When Eddy got me to sign a poster and I broke his pen (which was a permenent marker) and accidentally 'Tattooed' my name on his reading diary!!!
KT Lauren, holly, steph, Amy, gemma, Alice, becca, Alex Listening to music, arts and craft,Dt, nail vanish, sweets and lots more Spiders Falling over in front of everyone
Rosie Siouxsie Books The dark Don't have one
Kiran Lakshmi singing, sports, people who irritate me Getting totally tongue-tied when this hot boy tried to talk to me
Akua Diana and Elsie Reading a new story book Snakes my friends teasing me about snakes which i hate the most.
Alice Rachel Books Sprouts When I fell down in front of my crush
Lily frankie fliss kenny lyndz rosie stevie lisa carole charlie maddy tayla jess brooke victoria anisha have a sleepover once a week and go horseriding on fridays and mondays. hate my room getting messy my friend fell of her horse
Madeleine Aisleen, Tania read books, go online, sleepovers, hanging out with bfs n listening 2 songs! insects n not having my hair cut the way i want it 2 b. trip n fall in front of my crush!Sooo cringe!
Alyssa Courtney Hanging out with my friends and reading Camp Confidential (my fave charaters are Alyssa (same name as me) Jenna (pulls pranks!) And Natalie. i was actully scared of diving for a long time but now im super scared of squids! Falling on my face in front of the guy i like
Lola Didi drama + pranks haters when i got a mistake in one of my lines during a drama play.
Rachel Clare-ann and Tertia shopping and spending money !!!!! doing the washing up !!! the wind blew my skirt up in school!!! every one laughed at me !!!
Chloe Cassandra and Deborah (they rule!!) Taking my friend awesomely cool quizzes. Reading fashion mags. Giving advice for fashion. Everything my brother likes. Except for SUSHI!! When the school's head mistress had to carry me all the way to the office because i had the worst cramp of cramps.
Kizzie Meg, Catherine, Lauren and Inez Shopping, Sleeping and BFFs SPIDERS and fake friendships When someone lied that she had won the lotto of 3,000,000 I told everyone about it and she said I was lying and everyone believed her.
Sarah-Louise Amy & Kate Reading and hanging out with my mates (and sister!). Playing my flute. People annoying me and spiders. Playing my flute on stage and doing it wrong. Then everyone laughed.
Luis Eve hanging around with eve and sharing secrets with her, she is so cool!!! her other friends When me and *** were going out and it was a secret until i told someone