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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Mork Luan Reading, swimming, soccer, hanging out with my friends, catching up on celeb gossip ANIMALS!!!!! When a boy wrote 'Ur so hot' on my shirt on the last day of school my teacher read it.
Yooie Adrianne Boys!!!! Boys!!!!!! and Boys!!! also my crush LUCA Girly girls (cause I'm a tomboy) I told my crush that I like him then he told everybody from that day I got teased
Hannah Ellie and Leila Sports and reading Getting my spellings wrong and everyone laughing at me. When I say something stupid and make myself almost pee myself
Charley Lucy and Daisy Nail polish, fashion and boys Spiders!!!!!!! Not knowing what to say to a boy I like!
Naomi Chloe and Nadine Going shopping and watching romance movies with my besties When people talk behind my back When I sang on stage and forgot my lyrics
Salma Zayna My hot pink skirt Gecko When I cried in front of my cousins!!!
Kate Lara and Ciara Acting at performing arts Homework When my brother embarrassed me in front of all my friends
Hanna Bianca Reading Summer Camp Secrets. Love it! :) Bullies When I did my speech at school, I keep saying the words wrong.
Maata Madeline Doing sports and hanging out with family and friends Having to move schools! And leaving my best friends behind! When a fluff ball flew and a guy that I liked and me went to catch it at the same time and actually caught each others hand instead!
Louisa Laya Shopping, fashion, dancing and friends Mean people When the teacher caught me day dreaming
Jean Claire Dancing, listening to music, writing songs, doing my hair, playing basketball, football and shopping Liars, cheaters, back stabbers, clowns and reptiles When I saw myself riding my bike and unfortunately fell down and people were laughing, i just murmured to moi self "oh no".
Bethany Jessica and Holly My fave thing is to read and write stories. I also enjoy having fun with family and friends I hate clowns and bullies My most embarassing moment was when I got hit in the face with a football and did a backflip in the air.
Venetia Islay, Holly, Sunny and Bella Sports, fashion, shopping, magazines, singing and acting When people argue When I tried out for a singing audition with my friend in front of everybody but I burst out laughing for the whole thing and did not get the part! :(
Soha Jahavi Skating while listening to music Dogs and dancing This dog was chasing me and I was so afraid that I jumped on my mom!
Khadija Sofiya New purple outfit Animals When I accidentally peed in my pants at my cousins house
Koyel Ashma Diaries, jerseys and new clothes Insects, accidents and some irritating people around me I was going to sit beside my crush and I got so excited and was in rush that I sat on his hand. God he still teases (he doesn't know I like him)
Farah Anna Reading novels and surfing the net Annoying and loud people When my face turns red while laughing
Jennifer Joyce Dancing and singing Creepy animals When I ran into a boy I had a crush on
Carys Cerys and Shannon Hanging out with friends and doing things that give you an adrenaline rush! Losing family and friends :( When I was daydreaming in class and miss asked me a question and I opened my mouth and nothing came out. The whole class was laughing
Ella-Rose Róisín, Saskia and Lauryn Triathlons (swim, bike, run!) Spiders When I was in 3rd class, we all had to write a poem and some of us had to read ours out in front of the whole school. (The teachers and principal were there too!) I volunteered to read out mine but then I decided to learn it so I would impress everyone including the principle. So I was learning it for a full 2 and a half minuets (yes I decided sort of late!) When it was my turn to go up and read mine, I gave my sheet to the boy sitting beside me. When I went up with no sheet the principle looked impressed. I started off well but then my mind totally blanked!!! I stood for what seemed like forever when the boy I gave my sheet to ran up and gave it to me. Oh the shame!