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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Ashley Heather Sleepovers, themed parties and make-overs. When I fall out with my friends, spiders and heights. At a camp sitting on the bed naked with a short towel round me and a teacher walked in and saw me.
Morayo Alice, Teddy, Freya and Tiggy, Jessie and Bella My friends, horseback riding, reading, sweets, my family and my future dog P-B! Getting in trouble, having a fight with my friends, being humiliated... When I bumped into Freya and Freddie, I've been wanting to be their best friends since yr 4. But I've considered Freya but I don't think I'm hers!
Ivy Sabrina + Hay Lin Shopping and going horseriding on my horse in L.A Homework, Tuna, tidying up & arguing with my bffs When 2 boys wanted to go out with me at the same time
Hannah Olivia Reading the Summer Camp Secrets books. (I just love them.) People pretending to be something there not!!! When I was having a sleepover at my house. I told my friend to not make a sound when I got some DVDs from my mum's room but suddenly I droped the DVDs and my mum woke up.OOPS!!!
Jade Annie-joy and Harriet Netball and horses Arguments and spiders When i fell of a round about play park thing and landed on my bum!!
Katie Grace Netball Swimming When my brother pulled my trousers down in front of my crush!
Rachel Alice Footy Leeds united! and choccies Boys! spiders and cats (cause they eat guinea-pigs!) when ever Leeds don't win a match
Tara Fiona and Amy shopping, going to the movies and hannging out with friends Show offs I fell down the stairs at my friends slumber party. All my friends saw me fall and laughed, because my skirt came over my head.
Kirsten Abbie floaty top, sweets, books and friends Meanies muffing shots in tennis
Charlotte Sophie playing on the sims games on the ps2 or the ds Spiders gross when pepole talk about me behind my back
Katie Imogen Horses, my family and friends Spiders! My make-up going wrong one of the embarrassing moments I had was playfully crashing into crush on my bike while playing mini-bike rounders and knocking him to the floor! SOOOOOO Embarrassing!
Emily Ylana and Scarlett Stone art on the beach Peas and sweetcorn and idiots!!! When I was in yr 2 and threw up in assembly!!!!
Jenny Lili my black Betty Boop top Spiders When i showed up at school in my winter uniform when everyone was in summer uniform, to make things worse my cute crush saw me!!!
Alice Sylvia having a sleep over at her house. going to parks together. when she doesn't have permission to go somewhere where we decided to go. when i had to read a poem to the whole school from a paper and got it wrong (i wasn't concentrating)
Daisy Izzy and Sophie shopping, surfing, hanging out with my mate tammy, bike rides across the moors and chocolate! spiders, green peas and vanilla ice cream yuck Walking to spanish class and not seeing a pole and walking straight into in!
Lakshmi Kiran songs, sports,art and craft, skate boarding, bullies, rude people, boring physics EVE classes when i messed up a basketball match and my team lost
Paige Victoria Me and my best friend just spending time with each other. She makes me laugh all the time. When my My best friends boyfriend takes vicky away When i went to my friends birthday party and my dad came to pick me up and he heard his favouriet song and stared to dance to it. That was soooooooooo Embarrassing
Michelle Kelly Reading, Netball, Sleepovers, Water balloons, Barbeques, Peperoni, olives and spinach Pizza and Cheese sausages. Sweaty boys and Spiders. Falling face down on the floor in front of my entire class during lessons.
Samantha Jess, Bella and Amy Books, theme parks, shopping and swimming exams, homework and snakes when i fell in a race!!!!!!!!
Ester Charlotte A really cool safety pin bracelet i made myself bossy people When someone held my hand thinking i was his daughter!