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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Kiera Shiori, Bo & squillions more! my girl friends, doodling, fashion, shopping , writing, arts & crafts computer teachers, homework, the hunks who fancy me when all the guys hu fancied me asked me out on the same day! eek i refused all of them!!
Nishat Nishat B Chocolate Being Girly! Never had one!
Charlotte Lara Sports especially atheletics and gym BOYS Walking into a pond thinking it was grass!
Nicole Charlotte running, sports, reading, friends insects, irritating BOYS i fell and my skirt flew up and everyone was laughing
Eve Eve to be around my bestfriend and dresss our build a bears chocolate ice-cream cake when my dad was in a giant hamster ball
Orla all my friends being with my friends Bullies tripping in front of the whole school
Simran Muskan, Twinkle My friends, Cool Books, My computer, My iPod....and Ice-creams...yummmm...!!!!!!!!! Bullies, Heights, spiders, science, and gross vegetables...!!!! When i did all my homework correct and forgot the whole homework at home....and got punished from all the teachers...!!!!
Eve Emily animals, sports, books, movies, some boyz, acting! cheese!!!! when i told my enimy who i love and she told everyone!!!!!
Phoebe Millie Swimming creepy animals and my brothers thinking there was a chair next to me, leaning on it and falling off it in a school play
Asia Duna, Layan ,Laana, Salma Hanging out with my best friends! Kreepy stuff! Doing something wrong
Rachoo Alice Watching Leeds play at ellend road Liverpool and Millwall!!! when my bikini shorts fell of on holiday in the sea!!
Syamin Nabilah Hanging out with friends,chatting and gossiping about boys. Show offs, girly girls and most of the boys as some are good friends. I was walking in a funny way and showing my friends (girls) when a group of boys including my crush saw me!I was red with embarrassment.
Charlotte Laura Swimming and shopping! Fallouts When my friends told my crush that I liked him! CRINGE!
Claudia Eve reading Summer Camp Secrets and drama just like brynn! Bullies when the boy i fancy found out that i liked him and then he completely hated me when the weeks before we had been rather friendly to each other
Abby Annie i luv my pet rabbit milo and my 2 cats tib and tab spiders in the shower or spiders on the car window when i was dared by by bf annie to tell this boy liam that i wanted to kiss him
Morayo Alice and Teddy (her real names Theodora but she hates it)!!! Horses, reading and watching movies mean girls, annoying teachers! When I bumped into some people I'd wanted to be friends with since yr 4
Daisy Izzie, Sophie and Gracie Music, fashion, summer camp secrets and sport SCHOOL!!!!! and spiders walking to spanish class and walking into a post!!!!!
Nicole Leanne Listening to music on my phone or just hanging out with my best friend When people pretend to be your friend in front of you and then around others just ignore you completely. A door slammed back into my face. I started crying in front of my whole class! I had to go around the whole day with an ice pack stuck to my face!
Emma Lois Hanging out with my best friend Lois and of course shopping This girl in my class is so annoying, she is so like Chealsea When I got stuck up the tree and some boys were calling me names. My friends had to call for help.
Mia All my freiends in different ways gossip and dancing drama, singing, shopping, rollerskating, having fun, sleepovers and laughing people keeping secrets away from me annoying people and Maths Too embarrassing to say lol