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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Lauren Meadhbh and Jessica Horse riding, dancing and singing spiders and snakes and mice and rats when i was in spain there were these fans and they were covered up a bit so you could walk over it. I didn't know they were on and i walked over it a bit and then stopped before i realised they were on and rean away.
Aditi Anuja Going to camps (adventure ones), sports, dance. singing, studying Not yet came because there is more life for me to live!
Rachael Jessica and Laura Horse-riding, art and crafts, card making, sleepovers with my best friends and looking after my baby brother Henry! Big spiders and bullies!! When my Mum and Dad were getting married and they were getting photos taken I had to be in some of them as I was a bridesmaid and in the first one I was picking my nose - GROSS! (I was 4 then in case you were wondering)
Ayushi Sukriti dancing snakes, monkeys mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........
Rebecca Katie Nail varnish and make-up also sharing memories with my BFF People texting while talking to me (I never know if they care about what I'm saying) ahhh!!! When I walked into a random stranger and she didn't seem too happy. Cringe!
Roisin shauna, shannon, jade, laurenmc, kelly, tara well i love reading, swimming, sleepovers, shopping, watching dvds and going online!!!! to be wrong i just hate it i had the hiccups in silent reading all u could hear was me going 'hiccup.'
Zakia hannah, sophie, angela, rosie reading and writing or texting my friends when people gossip about me blowing bubble gum so hard, it landed on Rosie
Gabby Natt, Alyssa and Chelsea Writing and reading. I always write but never finish lol. (p.s. and my teddies lol) Show offs and wispering, pointing. I bumped into some girls at camp when I was in the middle of a tantrum so I barged through and they made fun of me! (not true, it's false on purpose) p.s I do not have trantrums lol
Erin Cameryn and Alyssa Spa's SNAKES!! UH... don't want to share... :)
Eleanor Marilla, Nadso, Lolly, Beth, Jas and my whole class the brilliant game of football!! little girls (about 5,6) wearing make-up Me and my class went to the cinema and a girl pushed me in the boys toliets. CRINGE!!!!!!
Shiniqua Juniah, Megan, Molly, Jodie, Leonie shoping brussel sprouots Nearly said a rude word in school
Francesca Molly, Ela and Josh READING! The rain Every moment is embarrassing to me!
Sophie Megan, Ashleigh, Cerys shopping, chocolate spiders, snakes, bugs when i went into the boys restroom by accident
Tabby Chantell, Niki, Trudi, Jade, Ellie, Tiggy my 6 cats, mice !!!!!!!!, choclate, animals, rain, beach spiders, bugs and bananas when i was on the beach my tooth came out it was my first tooth so i didn't know what it was my mum said it was a piece of chicken so i threw it in the sea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mum made me write a letter to the tooth fairy (not real)
Sarah Nafeesa Listening to music and sharing gossip spiders, snakes and scary stories that make me shiver When I couldn't swim in the deep end and was drowning like mad
Jessica Tracica Me, food, spices and chocolates and the books of summer camp secrets Insults and borning books I went to buy a book and I toppled the whole shelf
Emma Alisha, Una, Laura, Catriona, Nicole and Aine computer Dentist Calling my teacher mum
Mary Ann Ashley Dancing and singing crawly insects When I laughed during my history class - it was so embarrassing.
Ellen Kiera, Philippa, Naomi and Bethany making dens,sleepovers and water rides walking in the rain and spiders Not knowing an Italian dinner I wanted at an Italian resturant I always go to.
Emily Georgia Definitely Soccer and Art! Vegetables....Yuck! Once when i went shopping and i thought this lady was my mom and went up and hugged her-Total cringe!