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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Jane Kate Reading summer camp secret books. I love them. Vegetables. Yuk!! When my boyfriend suddenly kissed me
Tessa Lena, Rae, Dana, Grace and Susan Ice cream, booksm dance, pizza and hanging out with friends. Goats and when people try to be cool! There's too many to pick just one!!!!
saoirse kim and katie my fave thing is pizza, coke, puppies i hate vegetables when i was in a shopping centre. i had a top with button on it and the buttons opened eek
jessica megan my name is like Jessica on this website and also crumble and rainbow magic lots of fav things Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When i told my friends a secret!!
Bec Gabby, Olivia and Ella Doing tricks on the trampoline Boys! (except my dad) When i accidently kicked Ella on my trampoline! :(
Jessica simran, kelsy, tegan Ice skating, movies, and some partys with all my friends Spiders, snakes, ugly boys kissing me EW!! (only on the cheek Psst 1 on the lips Ew), and when i can't find Summer Camp Secrets books in the shops Grr!! When i ran into a boy and he said watch where you're going then he said o sorry. Ek bad moment!!
Andy Samantha Nail polish, seeing friends, shopping, chatting, being with family, books, candy!!! Mmmmmm Spiders (any bugs), board games (I call them bored games), bad hair days. Don't have any (lucky aren't I?? Everyone says so)
Flavia Nicole Reading magazines, Summer Camp Secrets and chatting with my friends. Spiders and snakes! When a guy i had a crush on talked to me and i was just staring into his eyes.
Alice Samantha and Brydie reading, closely followed by writing When people don't keep secrets When a cool boy came up to me and asked "are these your pants?" (we were at Dalguise-like summer camp but only one week long)
Rebecca Katie, Lucy I love street dancing and lizards and rap music Justin Bieber (a singer), maths and big spiders that you find in the corner of your room and pink frilly stuff. ewww!!!!! I was learning a dance at school and i badly ripped my jeans. Everyone heard it. Luckily the rip was on the knee area! Phew!!!
Sarah Acacia, Sian Reading summer camp secrets books! :) SNAKES! PGL! Being too scared in front of my class mates to do absailing!
Saffire Lottie and Sasha Hanging out with my BFFS Spiders and people being nasty to me and my friends Being sick in front of my crush and the cutest boy in school
Robyn Natalie Reading Summer Camp Secrets Playing with boys When I was sick all over my duvet
Gabbie Chantelle, Sophie, Ella, Daisy, Ellie, Stephanie, Tommy, Bethany, Kathryn, Alice and Connor. Fashion, high heeled shoes, books, maths and most important PINK THINGS!!! Snakes and Spiders and Insects We were doing Robin Hood rehersals and i was a maid of lady marian and when i went to sit down i fell off the stage and everyone was laughing at me. Miss Frith (my teacher) was saying 'are you all right' and well, i went bright red in the cheeks!!!
kathy ashlynn, caleigh, johara, may, jade, valerie, jake, jordan, nick, keelan gymnastics, cheerleading, singing, pranking, hangin out with my buds, reading summer camp secrets when friends cancel plans when i wuz 6 i tried to be froends with the bratty little kid in fron of some older kids but now im older and better
hebe maisie rollerblading and make up spiders! peeing my pants in a school play
Hannah-grace Charlie gymnastics and summer camp secrets book!!!!!!!! stew and sprouts When I was 11 I went into a changing room at asda and somebody pulled the curtain back and everyone saw me!!
Erin Lizzie, Kayleigh, Emma, Libby, Ellie, Roisin and Jess Reading and cheerleading and hanging out with my friends When people think they are better than you Everyone finding out I fancied a guy in the year above me!
shauna roisin to play football cleaning when my mum tells everyone everything i do
sarah natalie swimming snakes and spiders when someone is trying to argue with you and you cant think of something to say back at them in front of my friends